Travelling and IBS – Top IBS Fighting Foods

IBS and travelling. The topic is quite an un-glamorous one, but if you suffer from IBS and are travelling, well it can be one that is important to consider. Bloating, gas, stomach cramps, and the like aren’t the symptoms you want to experience at any time, let alone whilst on holiday. If IBS tends to…

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Things To Think About When Shopping For Wedding Rings

There are a few basic principles you can apply when buying any type of jewellery, but wedding rings are an extra-special purchase, so you need a few extra shopping tips. We’ve put together the top recommendations to help you find the perfect ring. Shopping for Wedding Rings: The style and metal This could be the…

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7 Steps to a Perfect Beach Body (and it’s not what you think)

Summer holidays are approaching fast, and having the perfect beach body is on your mind. But, with such little time left, how can you make sure you do it? Going on the latest diet trend isn’t going to help you out. This is going to take tried and tested methods that you know are safe…

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My Humble Ode To Manchester 22 May 2017

We tend to take that closest to us for granted. It can be people, it can be our culture, or it can even be locations. One of the places that has become an adoptive home for me is Manchester. It is where I choose to spend most of my time. It is where my husband…

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Tech Travel Tips For Solo Travellers

  Traveling alone will always present some issues. You have to manage your personal safety, the safety of your belongings, and keep yourself healthy. It can be hard to ensure these things, especially when you’re enjoying everything your destination has to offer. Following some tech tips for solo travellers can help you make the most…

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The Villages of South Cambridgeshire #HiddenDrives

  Picture this – you get in your car, you set up your favourite playlist, and take on the open road. No maps, no destinations; just your thoughts, the road, and maybe your camera to capture the sights. Doesn’t it sound ideal? I think so. I thoroughly enjoy driving. Being American and all I have…

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