Why Painters with Proven Experience Are Best To Hire For Your House Painting Projects

Why Painters with Experienced Painters Are Best To Hire For Your House Painting Projects

Looking at this topic, one will wonder if it indeed is something worth discussing. Everyone should know to go for more experienced hands. This is very true, but the question is do people always do what they know they ought to do?

Everyone or at least most folks will mentally accent to this statement and then turn around to do the exact opposite. In this article, we will try to look at why this happens, why we should guard against it and how to ensure you only work with painters with experience. To understand who we are referring to when we use the word “painter” kindly read this article here.

Why Folks Settle for Less

We all agree that it is best to work with painters with proven experience. Why then do some folks not do this when it’s time to hire a painter? Let’s look at a few possible reasons.

1 – Cost

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to shy away from more experienced painters is because they also tend to charge higher rates. Expect that as a result of the quality of work painters will be offering you, their rates will be higher.

When you consider this cost and compare it with a cheaper option, most people opt for the cheaper option. Thus thinking they are being smart and saving cost. Sadly, rather than save cost, they end up wasting funds being penny wise and pound foolish.

2 – Impatience

More painters with experience are usually not folks you can hurry. They either have very busy schedules or they understand the timings and sequences that MUST be adhered to for a professional painting job to be done.

Some home owners can make unrealistic demands, wanting their homes painted at a certain time against the advice of the painter. Rather than taint their reputation, professional painters with experience will decline the job.

So whether it is because the painter is very busy and can only attend to that client’s job a few days or weeks later than the customer wants or the painter thinks the painting should be done following a schedule for best results, an impatient home owner is likely to get upset and go get someone who may be readily available and willing to dance to their tune. Sadly, the result most often than not makes them wish they had listened to the pro.

3 – Ignorance

There are two aspects to this subject of ignorance. The first is a lack of understanding of what exactly house painting is and how important it is. A homeowner who thinks house painting is not something important will not see any reason to spend an “unreasonable” sum on it.

The second aspect of ignorance that we will point out is not knowing how to decide who is an experienced painter. Everyone you ask today is an expert. It is therefore important to know simple ways of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

Having looked at some of the possible reasons why some folks decide to settle for less, we will now look at some reasons why you should not. To do this, we will simply list some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you work with a painter with proven experience.

1 – Quality of Work

This is probably the first thing anyone will expect from an experienced painter. Though some of the points we will still consider below all contribute to the quality of work done, we will still regard this as one benefit. By bringing a higher skill level and experience to play, an experienced painter will deliver a painting job of a much higher quality than a person who lacks the same level of experience and skill.

2 – Best Practices

Painting is not just about splashing paint on the wall. There are processes that need to be observed to ensure the entire painting job goes well. A professional will look at a particular wall and immediately know how to go about painting it to achieve the best result.

In the same vein, your home will not be totally messed up after a painting job. This is because the professional knows how to prep the painting site. This minimized the amount of mess that will be left behind after the job is done. They will also provide the best guide on how to carry out the job; which helps to reduce possible health hazards to the inhabitants of the home.

3 – Paint Choice and Selection

Your choice of paint can make or mar the entire process. With an experienced painter, the first thing they will do is choose the right kind of paint for the job. This could be color combinations, paint types, quality, brand etc.

4 – Guarantee

When a professional handles your painting job, there are guaranties. This could come as an insurance cover, a personal company policy or more. You can rest assured of getting a good job.

5 – Long Term Savings

You will pay extra money for getting a higher quality job done well. You will not need to spend any additional funds repainting the house a short while later.

The above are just a few benefits you stand to enjoy when you work with painters with experience.

How to Decide Who is Really Experienced

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So how do you go about ensuring you choose an experienced painter?

1 – Referrals

Ask the people around you for referrals. That’s a good way to get started. This is usually the best way to get a reliable and experienced painter or any contractor or tradesman. Your friends and family will most likely only refer contractors who have done a great job for them. No one refers a person who did a bad job for them.

2 – Reviews

If you ask and no one can make any referrals, take your search online. Do a near me search. For example; if you live in Longmont, simply search for Longmont painters or painters in Longmont. That way you can find a list of potential painters.

Google has now made it possible for you to also read reviews from past customers and clients of a business. By reading what past clients have to say about each company, you will be able to decide with a good level of certainty the one that can serve you well.

3 – Source Locally

This is a no brainer – keep your search local. It makes no sense to search for painters who are located in a city far from you. This may even increase your cost. Keeping it local also makes it easy for you to fully assess the competence of the company you want to go with.

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