Pampering Session Favourites at Christmas Time

With the days getting shorter and colder as we approach Christmas, I’ve been doing all I can to make the best of this season. The awkward gap between Autumn fully arriving and the beginning of the holiday season is one that I personally struggle with quite a lot so I’ve been more nurturing with myself than I would normally be. One way that ladies like to give themselves a pampering session (myself included!). For me, this means a nice bath, and some ambient lighting, and our favourite beauty products. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite must-haves and some things I must get my hands on soon!

Pampering Session Faves

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi (£19.80 I can almost guarantee that you don’t take care of your feet during winter as you do during summer. Hey, that makes two of us and it’s only natural to fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset if we rarely get to see our feet during the colder months.

I’ve been absolutely in love with this nifty little gadget for a few years now, and while it doesn’t have the power of a full-blown pedicure treatment, it is the perfect tool for maintenance between pedicures! With its powerful file, you can get rid of even the most callous skin, and leave your feet silky smooth, even if you are only going to put on your cosy socks.

My 7th Heaven* (£1 are known for their face masks and as I recently shared with you their hair care products, but another little wonder product they have up their sleeves is their foot soak/foot lotion duo sachet. After I use the School Express Pedi I give my feet some love with the foot soak/foot lotion duo sachet. This is actually my current 7th Heaven favourite product because I love how a little sachet can give you so much.

The amount inside each sachet is perfect, and as with every 7th Heaven product that I’ve tried, the scent is lush! The ingredients are simple – pressed mint, pressed spearmint, juiced grapefruit, and some crushed zinc salt extracts to ensure your feet smell fresh and clean.  You’ll find some great juicers for your grapefruit here. Trust me, your feet will thank you!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (£15.50 I haven’t ever heard anything bad about this wonderful product, and it’s easy to see why it’s so loved. It’s can sometimes be such a pain to remove your makeup, but for a pamper session making sure you get into every little crevice and leave your skin squeaky clean makes it that much better. Not only will having clean skin ensure that your skin stays healthier for longer, but it will also feel like an at-home spa treatment, and that part of pampering yourself can do your soul a lot of good.


George Home Letter Votive Candle (£2 Who doesn’t love all things personalised? I know I do, and I rarely get to find items with a “Y” on them. At my house we don’t like harsh lighting and are big fans of candles and lamps. Now that the days are shorter what better way than to enjoy the evenings than with some mood lighting. I love these little votive glasses and when the candle has burned out you can reuse them for tea lights, makeup brush storage, or even on your desk for your pens.

Hello Kitty Hot Water Bottle (£12.70 – I couldn’t help but put the Hello Kitty hot water bottle on my Amazon wishlist. It’s an adorable way to cuddle up and keep warm without having your hands stink of that awful rubber smell. I also worry about kids using hot water bottles, and this adorable hot water bottle gives me that extra peace of mind.

The power of ‘me’ time you’ll get with a pampering session is magical. By giving yourself time to recharge your batteries as well as take care of yourself physically you feel that much better about yourself, and of course, much better about tolerating the winter.

What are your pampering session favourites?

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