Setting personal goals not resolutions – 4 ways to be a better you in the new year

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There are many reasons why we decide to set new year resolutions. You have probably been making them for as long as you can remember. Though they change throughout the years and as you get older, there’s probably no doubt that you have used this new date in the calendar year to make a promise and a commitment to yourself that you will be improving your life. The thing is, things aren’t always so cut and dry. Each day is a fresh start and you can start anew whenever you so wish, but if you are inclined to make resolutions in 2022, let’s discuss why you should focus on setting personal goals instead. Here are 5 ways to be a better you in the new year.

As you know, not all resolutions are one size fits all, but the goals we are sharing with you today will lay the groundwork to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Focus on your budget

One of the things that may fall by the wayside but that makes a huge difference in our day to day life is how we handle our personal finances. Setting a budget is a brilliant goal or resolution to set for the new year as it will help you have a stability that you may need or not know you need (but really do).

There is loads of advice on the internet, from investing to saving your money but always be mindful of what advice you follow. We won’t recommend that you do a or b, but what we will recommend is that you take the time to evaluate your incomings and outgoings and to put yourself in a stronger financial position in the new year and going forward.

Prioritise your health

The older we get the more we realise that our health is the most important thing we’ve got. From making our body stronger to making our mind sharper, adopting a holistic approach to our health can make such a difference in our lives.

For most of us the last couple of years may have made us reconsider how we take care of our health. And there are 2 big aspects to our overall health, physical health and mental health. Even though the most popular new year’s resolution tends to be “lose weight” that’s not the approach that we should take. Instead, take a look at what your specific needs are.

If you can make your body stronger and more agile by losing weight, then sure, why not make that a goal. Or if you need to focus on lifting to make your back stronger, then you should definitely consider incorporating working on your fitness. But you should guard your mental health by doing things for the right reasons, and not based on what society thinks you should do with your body come the new year.

Speaking of your mental health, do everything you can to priortise stability being in the right state of mind. By setting yourself up to be mentally healthy, you can take on whatever goals you set for yourself. The best thing to consider is that you don’t have to go it alone. Consider private psychiatry to help you get yourself in a place that will set you up to take on what life throws at you. This will also help you establish boundaries and not unload on friends and family, but get help from professionals.

Strengthen your relationships

Our family and friends are very important people in our lives, that’s why it’s better for us to seek help for our own mental health from a professional. By keeping things separate we can nurture the relationships that we cherish so much and prioritise not only our mental health, but theirs also.

With so much having separated us from our families and friends these past 2 years, it’s so crucial to focus on making our relationships strong. Whether we are lucky enough to spend time with those we love in person, or have to do it from afar the relationships that are important for us need to be nurtured.

Our online relationships have also saved us and given so much to us too, so it’s also important to take care of those bonds that we have created through technology.

Technology on your own terms

Technology can be such a wonderful thing, namely social media. But what happens when you get so saturated by social media that it starts becoming a chore? Well, take a break!

I have taken a social media break for the past year and a half or so, bar the odd post, and it’s been such a good thing for my mental health. I have become a spectator instead and taken a back seat from posting, but I read something someone did share on their Instagram stories, that said they weren’t mentally prepared to let people into their memories and that’s why they hadn’t been posting.

I thought about it a lot, and it makes perfect sense. There are times when your personal life is that much more sacred, and that’s ok too. There’s no need to focus on keeping up with the latest trends or what influencers may be doing. As an influencer myself, I have taken a break and even though it’s had it’s financial implications, it was the best thing I could have done for me.

On the other hand, there are people that have needed to be connected to the outer world, and platforms like TikTok have seen them through the worst of the pandemic. The point is, do what is right for you, what feels good for you, and focus on meeting your needs first.

I hope that the new year is wonderful for you and that you meet your personal goals, those that will help you be a better and happier person.

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