Planning a Humanist Funeral for a Loved One

Planning a funeral for a loved one is never easy, and if they weren’t particularly religious, you might feel a little lost when it comes to putting a ceremony together. The good news is, planning a humanist funeral ceremony can offer the same comfort, and be exceptionally personal. While there’s no set script for a humanist celebration of life, here are some of the things that you might want to think about.

What is a Humanist Funeral?

A humanist funeral is a non-religious ceremony. Humanist funerals honor the inevitable sadness of losing a loved one, but give focus to the celebration of life. It’s a chance to say goodbye while celebrating the life of the person that you have lost, and the importance of your relationship with them. Humanist ceremonies are becoming far more popular, as more of us move away from traditional religious ceremonies and beliefs. Many people find that humanist celebrations are deeply personal and respectful, and offer a true reflection of the person that they have lost.

Find Someone to Lead the Ceremony

Traditionally, religious leaders have conducted funerals, but in a non-religious ceremony, many people prefer to choose someone else. There are humanist funeral celebrants who are qualified, non-religious figures. A celebrant would spend time with the family, learning more about the deceased, so that they can offer a unique ceremony.

Another popular option is having a member of the family, or a close friend lead the ceremony. This can be a great way to honor the life of the deceased.

Planning a Humanist Funeral for a Loved One

Choose a Location

Funerals have no legal status, so while they typically take place in churches, crematoriums, or funeral homes, they don’t have to. Many humanists prefer to conduct the ceremony or memorial out in nature, on in someone’s home or garden.

Opt for Cremation

Burials are still popular, but with over 50% of us living away from the place we grew up and our families, and so many of us stepping away from religion, there’s less need to be tied to a gravestone or burial plot. Humanists that do choose burial often try to use a natural, environmentally friendly burial site.

Many humanists, however, prefer to look at Cremation Services Austin Texas, because it’s easier, cheaper, and significantly better for the planet. ATX Cremation can help you plan the cremation for your humanist service. They provide exceptional service with transparent prices and easy online processes to make arranging your humanist funeral as easy as possible.

Cremation also gives the family the option to scatter ashes somewhere that meant something to the person that they have lost, giving them a connection to nature.

Humanist Funeral music and readings

Choose Readings and Music

There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to planning a funeral, and no specific rules on what can and can’t happen. However, many people find that readings and music offer comfort at this time.

Consider a Symbolic Act

Often, something symbolic such as scattering ashes or planting a tree can offer comfort, and give people a sense that their loved one is becoming part of the earth.

Humanist funerals aren’t just for humanists. In fact, very few ceremonies are for people that would have considered themselves as humanists in life. But, they are a very popular option for anyone without religion or families that want something a little more personal and unique. So if you are planning a humanist funeral we hope this post can help.

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