7 Great Tips for Planning the Ideal Vintage Wedding

Weddings are celebrations of love, an expression of two hearts coming together to form something beautiful. And there’s no better way to commemorate this union than with a vintage wedding that exudes timeless elegance and charm. From the 1920s and 50s through today’s contemporary venues, vintage weddings transport guests back in time. Here’s how you can plan one that’s both unforgettable and magical.

Table of Contents – Planning the Ideal Vintage Wedding

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Rings

Planning the Ideal Vintage Wedding

One of the hallmarks of a truly vintage wedding experience is a vintage sapphire engagement ring. Boasting stunning craftsmanship and intricate details, these rings can add an exquisite finishing touch by offering an alternative to conventional diamond rings. Sapphires have long been associated with nobility, truth and romance. Victorian and Edwardian society favored sapphire rings as symbols of sincerity and faithfulness. Look for distinctive settings like filigree, milgrain edging and floral motifs which further add character and history. 

Setting the Scene: Choosing the Perfect Venue

Your wedding venue sets the scene, so choose carefully when selecting one. Consider historic homes, rustic barns or elegant ballrooms with vintage flair as they often require minimal decoration to achieve an authentic vintage atmosphere. If opting for an outdoor wedding, garden settings with wrought-iron furniture and fairy lights create romantic and vintage ambience that ooze romance and memories of days gone by.

Dress the Part: Vintage Bridal Attire

An effective way to channel vintage vibes begins with your attire down the aisle. Vintage wedding gowns feature intricate lacework and beadwork along with timeless silhouettes reminiscent of long sleeves, high necklines, A-line skirts or plunging necklines from 1920s, 1950s or ’70s weddings. Don’t forget accessories like a birdcage veil, pearl earrings or vintage-inspired shoes can round off this timeless look.

Invitations that Whisper History

Planning the Ideal Vintage Wedding

Before your guests step foot at your wedding, give them an inkling of what’s to come with vintage-themed invitations. Letterpress printing, sepia tones and antiqued paper will create an air of nostalgia and elegance. Adding elements like lace patterns, handwritten calligraphy and old postage stamps will help set the scene for an authentic vintage experience.

Décor: The Heart of Vintage Charm

Decor can make or break a vintage atmosphere. Use antique furniture, vintage photo frames and heirloom fabrics to bring life to your venue. Chandeliers, candelabras, velvet cushions, these all add nostalgic elements. Scatter old books, typewriters and suitcases around for added charm while table settings could include mismatched china, crystal glassware and embroidered napkins for a cozy setting.

Flowers from Bygone Eras

Planning the Ideal Vintage Wedding

Your vintage wedding should feature floral arrangements that reflect its timelessness. Consider choosing timeless blooms like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas arranged loosely and naturally for maximum impact. Use greenery such as eucalyptus and ivy to add texture and depth. Using vintage containers such as vases, teapots or even tin cans can add another charming and authentic element to your floral displays.

Entertainment: Nostalgic Melody

A vintage wedding wouldn’t be complete without period-appropriate music. Hire a band or DJ who specializes in vintage tunes to keep the atmosphere authentic. Jazzy beats from the 1920s, rock ‘n’ roll from the 50s or soulful melodies from the 70s can all add depth to the vintage theme. Consider including a dance floor featuring classic black-and-white checkered patterns for extra flare.


A vintage wedding is more than an aesthetic, it’s a journey back through time to an era of elegance, charm, and romance. By paying careful attention to every detail from the venue to the dress, the decor, and music selection, you can ensure your vintage wedding will be one for the books. So embrace its past spirit and plan an eventful vintage celebration that future generations will reminisce over.

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