Why Porcelain Tiles Are Dominating the Trends in Interior Design

Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, or the living room floors that need a makeover, interior designers invariably talk up the options of porcelain tiles for several benefits.

Unlike your regular ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made using a relatively denser mold of clay. They can be glazed or unglazed, but their absorption rate can not be more than 0.5 percent. This slight difference in the manufacturing technique makes them less porous, which is to say that they absorb less water and are generally more durable.

Inevitably, interior designers have picked up the advantages of using a material that is as resistant to humidity and temperature changes as porcelain stoneware tiles. It’s not just the functional aspect of it either, as stoneware tiles are naturally textile to the touch and can come sporting a plethora of decorative possibilities.

To that point, let’s find out some of the main benefits that are fueling the popularity of porcelain stoneware tiles in decorating modern interior spaces.

Sensual Advantages of Porcelain Tiles

As mentioned before, porcelain stoneware tiles are tactile to the touch, offering a natural sensation when used on the floors or the walls. This sensation is often achieved through the use of meticulous techniques and natural textures. This technique also allows the tile to come with finishes that can faithfully recreate the looks of woods, metals, concretes, stones, etc. So, whether it’s a refreshing atmosphere you are trying to create or a playful one, porcelain stoneware tiles could be the perfect flooring material.

Not loud but not shy, not muted but not too over-the-top, porcelain stoneware tiles are also given different finishes like matte, glossy, or soft to add the mood of your space.

Functional Advantages of Stoneware Tiles

As porcelain tiles are harder than the other tiles and absorb less water, they are naturally more compact, robust, and durable. They neither would break down easily under stress nor would they bend in a sudden temperature change.

The natural textures obtained through the natural and technical processes also aid in offering a robust surface of tiles. Hence, porcelain stoneware tiles don’t get scratched or greased too easily, keeping their appearance intact for years to come. The same reasons make them easier to clean too, which become ultra effortless when you consider their compatibility with just about any available cleaning products. The tiles’ resistance to thermal shock and frost also makes them a great proposition for the outdoors.

Convenience and Compositional Varieties

A tile that can be conveniently used both indoors and outdoors is destined to be popular among designers. It helps them to create uniform compositions in all the different spaces. The special functionalities of stoneware tiles also help them to be used in challenging spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, adding another layer to the proposition.

The fact that porcelain tiles are available in numerous shades, decorative motifs, classic patterns, and natural textures doesn’t hurt their cause either. So, check them out now!

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