Prepping Your Home’s Heating System For Winter

Winter is coming! Well, it does happen every year, but each year can feel quite different. When it comes to your comfort, it’s important to have everything ready before the temperature starts to drop. Are you ready for winter? Have you done everything needed to ensure your heating system will outlast the blistering cold temperatures?

In this article, we review some of the things you should know about your heating system and preparing for winter. There are some key things you should be doing each year, as well as consider the replacement of your HVAC system when needed.

Make Repairs – Now

Before winter strikes, addressing old issues with furnace repair in Calgary is a must. In many cases, people put off repairs at the end of their last winter season. Perhaps you were thrilled to make it through winter without having to call your HVAC contractor, only to realize that winter is coming back around. If you’ve delayed repairs, having them done before the temperature drops is a better option. You can also avoid calls during the busy time of the year to your HVAC contractor when you get repairs before the colder months.

Lower The Thermostat

Before winter gets here, you should consider lowering your thermostat. In doing so, you can save yourself a ton of money on your energy bills. For every degree lower, you’ll see a reduction in your energy bill. Lowering your thermostat after summer is a great way to curb expenses as well as help your heating system work less. During winter, the lower you can get your thermostat and be comfortable can effectively extend the unit’s life.

Check You Aren’t Blocking The Vents

Blocking vents in your home may seem like a great idea for furniture placement, but it is not great for your heating system. In fact, when you block your vents, the furnace is unable to perform the job as it should. You’ll notice that the heater has to work harder to heat your home. For that reason, consider reconfiguring your furniture to allow for airflow throughout your home. The good news is that you can put your furniture back to where it was after winter, depending on the cooling system you have. However, for central AC and furnaces where there are floor vents, it’s best to leave these open and not restricted.

Perform Vital Maintenance

Each winter and summer, you should be performing maintenance on your HVAC. This allows it to work efficiently, save you money, and can’t even prolong the life of your unit. Maintenance visits take about an hour to complete. However, they can save you a world of headaches from breakdowns when it’s extremely cold outside, and your furnace is working overtime.

Seal Up Your Home

Lastly, to give your furnace a helping hand, make sure your home is sealed properly. This means that you don’t have any leaks around the windows, doors, etc. Take the time to examine areas around your home to look for leaks. When you seal up your home, you’ll be losing less heat and cool air, which can ultimately save you money while keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

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