How to Prioritize Needs from Wants in a Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning a kitchen renovation project in the upcoming year? Have you already started to dream about just how different the kitchen will look, and how much more functional it will be? This is the perfect time to start organizing all those ideas, inspirations, and thoughts and start to create a solid design plan that will help lead you through the renovation project. This is also a wonderful time to start prioritizing the needs from the wants, to ensure the project stays on budget, on time, and doesn’t get out of hand.

Here are some practical tips on how you can go about prioritizing the needs from the wants.

Begin with a Budget

A great place to start is by setting a budget. This is likely the only thing that will keep you focused and ensure you prioritize needs from wants. Ensure your budget is something you are comfortable with but is, at the same time, realistic for your expectations.

Create Three Main Categories to Place Ideas/Projects In

The next step involves creating a chart that has three main categories. The categories should be:

  • Must Haves
  • Nice to Have
  • Like to Haves

Now you can start to place features, items, and renovations in each of the categories. At the end of this exercise, the budget needs to be able to cover the “must haves”, and then depending on what’s left over, you may be able to add in some of those “nice to haves”.

This doesn’t mean the “like to haves” are off the table completely. If there is no room left in the budget, they may be things you can do later on down the road. You can start saving again, and address those items when possible.

Address Function, Practicality, and Flow

In terms of what items to put in those categories, experts typically suggest that the main issues you address in a kitchen are function, practicality, and flow. Ask yourself if the item you want improves one or more of those categories. If so, then it’s probably a good choice.

Hire a Professional Designer

Another great way to prioritize needs from wants is to hire a professional that can help you with the design. Because they are professionals, they can tell you what will work and what won’t. They’ll be able to help you determine which features are wise investments, and even point out areas that you can save money so you can extend your budget even further. 

This is exactly why The Homestyles Group,, known for bath & kitchen remodeling in Orlando, begins its process with a consultation with the homeowners. A consultation gives homeowners a chance to share their vision for the kitchen, and the consultant can then act as that dose of reality, if you will. They are able to take all those ideas from the homeowner and turn them into something tangible and realistic, all while sticking to the priorities.

By learning how to prioritize your needs from your wants, you’ll be able to complete a kitchen renovation that you are happy with and that falls within the budget.

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