5 Ways You Can Protect Your Roof This Winter

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your home, which is likely to be the biggest single investment you ever make. The roof is one of the most important components of your property and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can protect your roof this winter.

Roof Sealant

There are silicone-based roof sealants that will prolong the life of your roof and this seal is elastic and moves with the roof during extreme temperatures. If you would like to learn more about roof sealant, search online for a local roofing contractor, who offers a roof-sealing service.

Power Wash The Roof

When roof tiles gather moss, this makes the surface sticky and snow is more likely to build up, while a power wash will keep the roof surface smooth. You could hire a power wash machine and spend a weekend cleaning the roof, the driveway and the terrace, as the power wash gun restores surfaces to their original condition.

Roof Inspection 

Many homeowners have their roof inspected and the best time to do that is in the autumn, just before the bad weather arrives. The annual roof inspection ensures that all the components are in good order and there are no missing roof tiles. The roofing team would also clean out the guttering, an essential job to make sure excess rainwater can escape. In the event that the roofer finds any issues, it can be promptly repaired before any damage occurs. You will want to find a professional to do the job.

Retile The Roof

If your roof is very old and the tiles are not as they should be, you could ask a local roofer to quote for replacing all of the roof tiles, and as you have a strong internal framework, it would not cost too much to have the tiles replaced with new ones. You could replace the roof tiles with slate, which will last for many years and would also see the value of your property increase.

Snow Guards

You can buy tile and snow guards for roofs online from a leading supplier and they have a range of colours, sizes and designs, all at very affordable prices. Snow guards prevent snow falling from the roof, which could be very dangerous, and in some cases, fatal. When it sits on a roof, snow quickly turns to ice and that could slide off your roof at any time, injuring you or any member of your family. Snow guards also stop roof tiles from falling onto the ground, which they often do when becoming dislodged. They can also help in preventing gutter damage that may end up causing serious personal injuries down the line. 

As you know, the winter season can be fierce and if you take good and proper steps to protect your roof before winter arrives, you are less likely to have any repairs when the bad weather comes. The internet is a wealth of information and if you would like to learn more about building maintenance, there are lots of free resources online. If you protect your home, it will increase in value to give you a secure retirement.

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