Psychology of Colour in Home Interiors and Decor

Everything in interiors fascinates me. I love matching fabrics and colours and styles and eras and bringing them all together to create a unique style that is representative of our personality and taste. Looking around our flat I tend to see a pattern of colours that we seem to be subconsciously drawn to – there is lots of wood, blacks, whites, metallics, and the odd pop of colour here and there.

Whenever I’ve thought of colour in my home I never thought about the psychology of colour in home and interiors. I knew I was drawn to certain colours, but I never new how using in a particular room could change the feel of it entirely.

I use blacks and metallics in our living room decor, tend to steer towards lighter woods and rich colours for our bedroom, and keep my kitchen sleek and metallic. If like me, you’ve tended to be drawn solely by aesthetics and little else, you’ll be surprised to know there is a psychology of colour in home and interiors. Knowing this can help you create the perfect space and have it exude exactly the feeling it’s meant to. I’ve teamed up with blind and shutter manufacturer Thomas Sanderson to share the psychology of colour. I’m certain this handy tool will help you master how to colour coordinate each room all while putting the psychology to work.

psychology of colour

Are you as surprised as me? It may be a bit difficult to know where to even begin. Which is why I’ve compiled a few of my favourite products to inject some colour into your life.

Red Kitchen Accessories

psychology of colour

Red Kettle,Tea/Coffee/Sugar Canisters, 2 Tier Dish Drainer

Purple Lounge/Living Room Accessories

psychology of colour

Purple Shag Rug, Throw Pillow, Artificial Lavender Plant

Blue Office Accessories

psychology of colour

Retro Wall Swallows, Shabby Chic Chalkboard with Hooks, Blue Office Wastebasket

Black Bathroom Accessories

PVC Bathmat, Glass Digital Bathroom Scale, 3 Piece Bathroom Set

Green Bedroom Accessories

Storage Baskets with Lid, Quatrefoil Accent Pillow Cover, Faux Greenery

Do you follow any of these colour psychology rules in your home? If so, I’d love for you to share your feedback.

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