Purchasing Yoga Wear Online: Tips To Ensure Satisfaction

If you are one of the millions of people who have discovered the ancient practice of yoga, you are in for an exciting time as you learn more about the amazing benefits that yoga really brings. Of course, you will need some suitable yoga wear and not just any garments will do, as yoga wear must have certain properties.

Check the Online Reviews

When looking at online yoga wear, don’t forget to read the comments that customers leave on the website, as these are excellent indicators of how people feel about the products. This should be one of the first things you do before heading out and buying a certain product. Every online retailer invites their customers to leave a comment or rate the product. Reading through these before purchasing yoga wear online will eliminate any worries you might have regarding the quality of the garments.


The name is an anagram of ‘expands’, which aptly describes this unique fabric that was invented by chemist Joseph Shivers in 1958. The best yoga wear is made with a combination of spandex, polyester and nylon, which gives you a fabric that stretches, clings and also allows the skin to breathe.

This exceptional elasticity is perfect for the many difficult poses that one has to form when practicing yoga and with affordable Ladybase Love yoga tank tops online in Canada, you have the best yoga wear that comes in a range of attractive colours. Spandex is branded by Lycra and when mixed with cotton, this is the best fabric for yoga garments, as it allows the skin to breathe.


Look for a small business that has green practices, such as having the fabric printed with natural water-based dyes. We all need to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and purchasing garments that are made in an eco-friendly manner is one way of doing this.

Check the Returns Policy

This should be a no-quibble return and most suppliers would have a returns policy that heavily favours the consumer. You will find details of their returns policy on the website and any communication should receive a rapid response. If, for any reason, you are less than 100% satisfied when purchasing yoga wear online, the supplier should replace the item without hesitation.

Payment Gateways

The online yoga wear supplier should have numerous methods for the customer to make a secure online payment, which would include:

  • All major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin
  • Direct bank transfer

Regarding making payments online, always check that the supplier’s website is secure. If there is a tiny padlock icon at the start of the URL address, this indicates the website has an SSL Certificate, which is also shown with the web address that begins with ‘Https:’ If there is no ‘s’, as in it only has ‘Http:’, then the site is not secure. You are advised against giving your credit card information.

Yoga is so much more when you are wearing the right gear and with online suppliers of the best yoga wear only a Google search away, you will soon be the proud owner of sports bras, tops and yoga leggings that can be worn outside the yoga studio.


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