Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023

What was the last quarterly outing like for your office? Think about where you went, what you did and how employees responded overall. What lessons could you use from that experience and apply to your next quarterly outing? If you are unsure where to start, having a list of ideas can be helpful. Check out these outing ideas in San Diego for some inspiration. 

How To Charter a Boat

Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023

Having a boat “all to yourself” for your company and employees to enjoy can be quite a privilege. Why not share this exciting experience with your colleagues by trying a San Diego corporate event boat charter for your next quarterly outing? Depending on your needs, you can charter a boat with your own crew or the chartering company can provide one. Be sure to plan numbers well in advance. You also need to know how long you intend on chartering the boat.

Whale Watching Charters

Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023

When it comes to outing ideas in San Diego, few on-the-water activities compare to the awesomeness of whale watching. As some of the oldest and largest creatures on earth, whales are beautiful mammals that can be fun to capture pictures of and learn more about. Whale watching with a corporate cruise offers a unique way for you and your employees to appreciate these animals while bonding more as a company.

Beach-Themed Picnic

Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023

Who does not love an officewide potluck? Why not take things one step further and make it even better by having a beach-themed picnic potluck? Whether you plan this part of your quarterly outing before or after the cruising around and whale watching, make sure it is at a time when many people in your group are going to be hungry. If you want employees to bring their own dishes, make sure to communicate this well in advance. Work with employees to come up with recipe and food choice ideas.

Extras To Consider

Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023

In addition to thinking about what you are going to do at your next quarterly outing, you also need to consider the “extras” that you will need to include as part of your event. Although this term can apply to anyone who works in a supporting role for your outing, it often includes people such as photographers and video coordinators for company outings. Some companies prioritize recording group events to incorporate the footage in training, and that is a situation when these extras would come into the picture.

Planning Your Next Quarterly Outing

What do you think your company will do for your next quarterly outing? Whether you take the office whale watching San Diego January or you plan something on land, it can be helpful to gather input from your colleagues. After all, they are the ones who will be participating in the event, right? Find out what types of activities they enjoy as well as ones they would want to try. Group brainstorming can be fruitful. 

Whatever you end up planning for your next quarterly outing, the most important thing is that it allows everyone to have some fun. Use these outing ideas in San Diego for inspiration, but do not be afraid to get creative!

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Fun Quarterly Outing Ideas in San Diego for 2023
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