6 Questions You Should Ask the Best Landscaping Company

In the United States, landscaping can add up to 10% to the value of a home when it goes on the market. 

This increase in value is one of the reasons why you’ll want to find the best landscaping company. Beyond adding value, landscaping helps make a house more homey, beautiful, and livable. Bad landscaping can have the opposite effect, making a home worth less and uglier. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your search by asking for referrals and reading reviews, the next step is to talk to the company. This is when you can get an idea of whether or not you can work with a landscaping company. The best landscaping company will be knowledgeable, courteous, and will communicate well. 

What questions can you ask to increase your chance of getting a great company to work with? 

1. How Do You Source Plants?

Whether you want a plant or a tree, having a local source is essential.

This doesn’t mean that you will only get native plants. It means the source of the plants is close. For professional landscaping, a close source of plants makes them more likely to thrive and require less maintenance. 

2. Who Handles Maintenance?

Make sure that before you sign any contracts, you have read them thoroughly and know who is supposed to take care of what. You need to have anything you want the company to take care of on the contract. One of the essential aspects of maintenance is replacement fees and policy. 

Yard and lawn care are important as well. You’ll want a professional company like Heartland Turf & Landscape. This is the best way to ensure your lawn always looks its best. 

3. Can I Lower Costs?

The best landscaping company will know what you want and how to get it for you. They should also know what you can do to lower the cost of your residential landscaping. Smart homeowners use their knowledge to make the project better for less. 

4. Who to Contact With Problems?

Before any work is done, make sure you ask who you’ll need to contact if you notice a problem. This can be a foreman or even the owner of the company. Make sure you have their name and number on record so if anything doesn’t look right, you can act fast before the problem is worse. 

5. What’s the Timetable?

Don’t be afraid to ask about how long the project will take. While underway, a landscaping project is going to do your curb appeal no favors. You need to know how long the project will take and how long it will take for the plants to reach maturity and look their best. 

6. What About Other Construction?

What Questions Should I Ask the Best Landscaping Company?

Landscaping companies don’t just plant flowers and trees; they can do more. What do they offer, can they install structures or run outside lighting? These are questions that you’ll want to know the answer to before you explain your vision to the contractor. 

Find the Best Landscaping Company for You

No matter what happens, always remember that you have to live with the landscaping. The best landscaping company understands this and will make sure that you are happy with their work. 

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