Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting A Piercing

One of the many wants of being a traveller is to take a little piece of your travels with you. Whilst many of us opt for souvenirs, sometimes you get an inkling to get something a little bit more permanent to remind us of our travels.

Many of us may have had our ears pierced at a young age, and we may already be familiar with some of the issues that can surround it. Hygiene and aftercare are important, for example. We need to find a suitable professional. We should invest in appropriate earrings that will not damage our ears or cause infection, so they must be of good quality. It is usually easy to find companies who are experienced in ear piercing. But if we are considering a more adventurous piercing, such as the nose, naval, or helix of the ear, we should ask ourselves these questions first.

Are You Well Informed?

Body piercings are more common nowadays than ever. But this does not mean that it is a decision that should be taken lightly. Piercing is necessarily an invasive procedure that needs proper preparation and a professional to do it. Long before we take steps to make our booking, we should research the decision carefully. We need to be aware of all possible dangers and risks. It may seem unpleasant to read “horror stories” on the subject, but the reality is that we should be familiar with other people’s experiences and know exactly what to expect. If we are convinced that we want the piercings, knowing what went wrong for others can prevent us from making the same mistakes.Piercings that are less common than the earlobe should be particularly carefully researched. I would begin by searching for helix piercing online first and then ask for recommendations, for example. We should go into the decision with our eyes wide open to all possible risks and concerns. Only then can we make the decision confidently.

Are You Prepared For the Upkeep?

Piercings require an investment of both time and money. We must have the appropriate cleaning equipment and antibacterial solutions. This keeps a piercing clean and healthy. If we are already living a busy lifestyle or find ourselves skipping steps, piercings may not be for us. We must be prepared to invest time and attention in an area that can quickly become infected. We should also be aware of the pain involved in recovery, as well as during piercing itself. We should be confident that this would not shock us and that we could cope.

Are You Healthy?

Our general health is important but the health of our blood is perhaps particularly important for piercings. We must be well enough to be able to fight off infections or bacteria should we encounter them. If our immune system is compromised in some way, it can be better to wait before proceeding with a piercing. We should ensure that we are fully immunized against forms of hepatitis too. These are serious conditions that affect the liver and other organs. They can be contracted through blood or contact with dirty equipment. Our health should be as good as possible before attempting to go through any physical change or trauma, however small.

Can You Find A Professional?

We should never proceed with a piercing until we have found a suitable professional. They should be hygienic and experienced, with excellent equipment and sterilization skills. We should also pay attention to how patiently they answer our questions. Confident professionals are always happy to answer questions that put a client at ease. A professional who dodges a question or gives a poor answer should always be avoided.
If you opt for a more permanent souvenir from your travels, you should certainly consider taking this information on board.
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