Ready to Start Spring Cleaning?

There’s something about spring that puts us all in a reboot and declutter frame of mind. Spring cleaning is part of the process as we look forward to warm summer breezes wafting in through open windows. 

If spring cleaning is something you like the idea of completing, but dread the process of actually doing it, here are some ideas for a logical approach that might make it easier and more enjoyable. Of course, if you really don’t have the time or can’t take it on you can opt to hire a cleaning service like this Atlanta maid service to help you out. But if you prefer to do it yourself, we have quite a few ideas for you in this post. From cleaning ideas to more extreme ideas like hiring self storage units to help you fully clear out the clutter check out our tips!

Have a Clear-Out

Clutter gathers all over the place through winter. Whether it’s a build-up of toys that kept the kids happy over dark, rainy days, or hallways full of all the family’s coats and boots, before you can clean the winter out of the corners, you need to be able to actually see the corners.

Being organised with decluttering helps the job go faster. You could take it one room at a time, or tackle one category of possessions before the next. Whichever method you choose, try not to tackle the whole house at once. Taking one room at a time prevents you from getting overwhelmed and giving up.

You can safely throw away broken or worn items, but for other things that you decide you won’t want again until next winter, consider self storage facilities. You can rent a storage room, install some freestanding shelves or drawers, and create a virtual home extension, clearing loads of space in the house.

Take the same approach with garden furniture or equipment as the season changes, especially to declutter garages and sheds. Now clearing out is not exclusive to storage spaces inside the home. In fact, you can take the same approach with garden furniture or equipment as the season changes, especially to declutter garages and sheds.

When you look for a garage for rent, you can clear out the dead storage space inside your home. By doing so, you save lots of time on future spring cleaning if you store stuff at the end of summer, for instance by overwintering freshly cleaned outdoor chairs, tables or toys in self storage. As you bring summer things out, put winter things in. 

While you’re at it, it’s well worth checking out this very useful infographic.

Making Space in Wardrobes

Self storage works brilliantly for seasonal clothes, leaving your wardrobes full of only the things you want for the spring and summer.

Go through your winter clothes and only get rid of items that are beyond repair. For everything else, wash or dry clean it, stack folding items neatly in boxes or suitcases, and put them into self storage for the duration. For long coats or easily crushed items, invest in some dust covers and put a hanging rail in your self storage room.

It’s surprising how fresh clothes feel when you retrieve them. There are bound to be some things you’ve forgotten about, so it’s like having a whole new wardrobe again. You’ll also find you look at items with a fresh eye, and find it easier to part with stuff you might have been unsure about at first.

Easy Cleaning

Having sorted out and stored everything you won’t need during summer, it’s time to get cracking cleaning up the newly available space.

Top down works best as that way you won’t spatter clean lower surfaces with dust or dirt when you’re cleaning higher up spaces. Dust loose dirt off surfaces first, then break out the soapy water for paintwork including door frames, skirting boards, tops of cupboards and kitchen white goods.

Regular living-space maintenance is a must so we can live peacefully at home. Apart from the daily cleaning, consider doing deep cleaning before the start of every season or every three months so you can get through those crevices and other hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, window cleaning and general glass cleaning should be prioritized as well. Soap and water can only do so much, so if you want that immaculately shiny reflection, you need the right tools for the job.

Leave hoovering until last, then remember to get down the sides of chair cushions if you don’t have removable ones. If you have a steam cleaner, run it over soft furnishings to kill bacteria and lingering odours. If the carpets have taken a hammering over winter through muddy boots or dog paws, cleaning them will make a world of difference. Whether you hire a carpet cleaner or have your own, moving furniture out will make it much easier and let carpets dry a lot quicker. 

As a final flourishing touch, tackle the household repairs you’ve been putting off. Oil squeaking hinges, fix leaky taps, replace the kinked garden hose and fix the lock on the shed door. 

With a logical approach and some self storage help, the house will soon be sparkling and ready for spring


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