Reasons to Consider Psychotherapy Around the Holidays

The holidays can be an incredibly challenging time of the year, especially in New York, the city that never sleeps. Whether they are spending time with their family or friends, the amount of stress they feel at this time can be overwhelming. Although this time of year is hectic for many people, it’s beneficial to take some time out of your schedule to consider psychotherapy in Astoria NY .

Holidays are a time when people should be happy and thankful. But not everyone is—and that’s okay. Getting help for the troubles and issues that you face is healthy. It’s just as important to take care of your mental health as it is your physical health. The following are some reasons why you should consider getting psychotherapy around the holidays.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Is Real

For many, winters in New York bring on a sense of sadness. The colder temperatures and shorter days keep people trapped inside. Some people also have a fear of slipping and hurting themselves on the icy Astoria sidewalks, so they limit their adventures outdoors. 

Humans are social creatures, so you need to be around others to feel good. Not only that but being exposed to the sun and fresh air also has an impact on your mental well-being. If you’re unable to interact with friends or enjoy the sun, it could be a sign of depression. As a way to combat these issues, you might consider talking to a professional who can help you find ways to get out and have some fun.

The Holidays Are Stressful

Dealing with New York crowds when shopping for presents can be challenging,. And it seems like everyone is out and about. Also, there seems to be an inrush of tourists who come to see the city sparkling in lights. You may be used to being around a lot of people, but adding more to the mix can be stressful.

In addition, as much as you love your family, you may find that spending time with them over the holidays is tough. Whether they stay in your home or you visit their house, the lack of space and being around the same people day, in and day out, is bound to get on your nerves. You might also have to be exposed to relatives that you don’t get along with.

Instead of putting on a happy face and pushing down the emotions, this is a good time to consider going for psychotherapy in Astoria, NY. At some point in time, no matter how hard you try, those emotions are going to find a way out of you—and you may do or say something you regret. Talking with a professional will give you the coping skills you need to deal with your family and find a way to remain patient and content during the holidays.

You’ll Beat the Rush

You’re not the only member of society who finds this time of year to be troublesome. Many people have to deal with stress and family issues. So when the New Year rolls around, they look for a professional to talk to. If you make an appointment now, you’ll be able to get a head start on your mental health and avoid the crowds.

The holidays are a good time to hang out with loved ones, but they also come with stresses and issues. To keep yourself mentally well this time of year, talk to a professional mental health provider and consider psychotherapy.

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