Four Great Reasons to Go Solar Now

Going solar has become so popular for a lot of homeowners at present and you can’t really blame them, several advantages come with it. Homeowners have different reasons to go solar but the most common of them is cutting the cost of energy. 

Solar power can significantly lessen costs or even completely rid you of electric bills. Advocates of the environment will also go solar because aside from it being cost-efficient, it also has positive effects on the environment. Solar energy reduces the carbon footprint that a home emits.  Regardless of what motivates you to go solar, environmental or economic reasons, it definitely is a smart and sensible move and you will surely get a lot of benefits from it.  

Before we get to the benefits of going renewable, let’s first answer the question “what is solar power”. 

What is Solar Power

This power is usable energy in the form of thermal or electricity generated from harnessing the sun’s energy using a specific technology. The most common way to capture this energy is through photovoltaic. Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight or it’s rays into usable electric currents. This energy generated from photovoltaics can also be used for thermal purposes to heat indoors or fluids. Solar hot water systems can be installed in residential and commercial properties to take advantage of the sun’s energy. 

There are three scales that solar panels could be installed, residential, commercial, and utility. On a residential scale, panels are installed on rooftops or are mounted in open land. Its voltage is dependent on the size of the residential property. In the commercial scale, panels are installed on a greater scale because its purpose is to provide on-site power to businesses. In the utility, scale panels are installed on a so much greater scale to provide to a considerable amount of customers. 

This energy can be generated anywhere that it’s ray hits. Virtually everywhere can be a potential location for your panels. Installation would be easy should you decide to go for it. If you are having second thoughts about going for it, here are some reasons why you should switch to renewable power.

Increase Savings 

Utility bills account for a considerable portion of your monthly expenses. And with the constant rise in electricity costs, it could account for even more. As mentioned above sun power can significantly help reduce or completely eliminate electricity costs. 

Going for it can help you avoid the rising cost of electricity. This results in more savings for you or the money you spend on electricity bills you can allocate elsewhere. Although, savings may depend on the size of your panel. Maintenance won’t be a problem as the only maintenance it needs is inverter replacement every 5 to 10 years. To know how solar power can help you save, visit this link:

Great Return on Investment 

Although the installation of panels may come expensive, the significant savings from this power can pay off the high cost of installation in just a couple of years. By then, all the savings can be counted as a return on investment. And as the cost of electricity continues to go up, the return on investment increases as well.

 Moreover, it could help increase the value of your property. As people gain more knowledge about it, appraisers have taken it into account in home value. Studies show that homes with this power panel sell faster than those that don’t. There are also local tax programs that provide rebates for people who adopt this.

Renewable Energy Source 

 Energy from the sun is renewable energy. Perhaps this is the most important aspect of this type of system. Unlike other sources of electricity that are dependent on exhaustible resources such as oil, gas, and coal, this energy depends on sunlight. The sunlight never runs out. Energy can be harnessed in any part of the world as long as there is sunlight. Energy will always be available unless the sun dies, which is impossible.

Good for the Environment 

Going solar can help decrease your carbon footprint. (Click here to know about the effects of carbon footprint.) Electricity generated from solar panels is emissions-free, unlike other power sources. The more you utilise electricity from it the less you rely on other sources that emit carbon.  A traditional home typically produces 20 metric tons of carbon emission every year. Using sun power reduces carbon emission by three to four tons yearly. It is important to decrease carbon pollution. 

With all the great reasons to turn to solar power mentioned above, not doing so seems like a senseless strategy. Not only can you save money a lot of money from it, but you can also contribute to the preservation of the environment. So what are you waiting for, go solar now. 


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