Relationship and Dating Cliches That are Ultimately True


I used to be quite the cynic. Especially when it came to getting advice from those who had more life experience than I did. I thought that any and all relationship and dating advice was a cliche, and dismissed it. The thing is, if you would have known me 8 years ago you would have realised quite quickly on that my dating life was a bit of a mess. Ok, a bit of a mess in a massive understatement. It was a disaster, and one that I happily reveled in. Now that my life is in a very different place I think it’s my turn to put on my life experience hat and share with you some relationship and dating cliches that are ultimately true. If I can save one of you some grief, I sure as hell will.

Relationship and Dating Cliches: It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Yep, you’ve heard this one countless times and some of you may even have scoffed at how lame it comes across. I genuinely remember an acquaintance once saying that it’s only something you say to “ugly people” as a way to make them feel less shit. True story! Little did she know that by spewing such disgusting words her popularity declined and she became known as the somewhat attractive but complete ADJ of the mixed gender friend circle. The girls didn’t trust her, the guys didn’t like her, and she became “the single girl who is so pretty on the outside, but completely rotten inside” yep, it was that bad for her. And if that’s not poetic justice right there, I don’t know what is.

Relationship and Dating Cliches: Don’t Rush

If a guy truly wants to be with you take it slow. Don’t rush sex, don’t rush emotions, don’t rush your imagination and allow it to drown all reason. Just don’t, and you’ll end up thanking me and all of the other cliche yielding spokespersons who have learnt this lesson the hard way. Sex on the first date usually won’t get you a call back, not because of your performance in bed, but because of all of the other factors unrelated to the bedroom. If one night stands are what you’re after, then you girl, but if you end up confused and anxious about why someone doesn’t call or text, then maybe there’s your answer.

Don’t Chase Men! 

On that note, another thing to always heed is the advice that tells you that a man who doesn’t invest as much effort into the relationship isn’t really interested. As the old book title says, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Women tend to make so many excuses for men – he’s busy, he works a lot, he doesn’t like to text, and the list goes on and on and on. The reality is, if a man really wants to make the effort he will. If he misses you, he will contact you. If he wants to see you, he’ll conjure up a 25th hour in the day. True story. I have made those excuses before (and I can bet you have too) so I know that it can end up looking like a desperate attempt at affection than someone you are “talking” to. No girl, you can’t “talk” with someone who is unavailable. Imaginary boyfriends don’t really exist and a woman who has so much to offer shouldn’t beg for affection. Not now, not ever.

You’ll Find Them When You Least Expect It

Out of all of the lesson I have learned, this is by far the most spot on dating cliche that is ultimately true. I swore that I would end up forever alone after so many lame dates and even lamer “boyfriends”. Yet one day I met someone who made me laugh like no other, stimulated my intellect, and who’s dreamy green eyes had me completely smitten from the moment I looked into them. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s a cliche we hear more often than we want to. And yes, it happens as if by magic and makes us thank our lucky stars we didn’t end up with one of the many frogs we kissed.

What are the relationship and dating cliches that you have found to be true? I would love to know! Remember, if you are single and ready to mingle you can find someone to date on Grampian dating, Portsmouth dating, Highlands dating, Lothian dating, and West Midlands dating among other of their sister sites.

What do you think of these relationship and dating cliches?

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