Re-Launching My Dreamality

I am so relieved and excited to finally be writing this post and re-launching My Dreamality!

Welcome to my updated little space on the web. This space has been my home on the internet for quite a few years now. And as it is always necessary once in a while, it was time to make a move. I am in a new home, so to speak, and I hope you like what I’ve done with the place. I believe that when one has decided on making a big change there is something within us that has led us there. Which is why I wanted to share a little bit of the thought process. Plus also some exciting things that lie ahead.

Time Off

I have taken a couple of months off from social media and blogging, with the sporadic post here and there. I wanted to take the time to regroup and think about what it is that I wanted to achieve with my blog. Having said that, I am extremely excited to share with you what this period of reflection has meant for the future of the blog.

What you can expect from My Dreamality

Throughout the years I have blogged about different topics. One of them has been frugal lifestyle. I have stopped writing about that and have realised that what I wanted for myself, as well as what I wanted to share was not necessarily how to life a frugal life. It is how to thrive on living a simpler one. The concept of living a life free of clutter is one that has always intrigued me. Which is why I am working on tailoring my brand of simple lifestyle and sharing it with you.

Another new addition to the content of the blog, and one keeping with the theme of simplifying life that you will find are home decor, home de-cluttering and organisation tips. I have always been a fanatic of home decor and organisation. So I will now be incorporating that passion into the blog.

In addition to those changes, I will be taking some risks and trying out the concept of personal style and fashion. I suppose this new change is primarily to push myself to take more risks and think outside the box. Fear can paralyze you, but it can also lead you to push yourself to limits you never thought possible. Re-launching My Dreamality is very personal as well as professional!

Another exciting thing that I wanted to share with you is that My Dreamality You Tube channel will be launching at the end of October. I have been filming content and putting it together to share with you. I am both extremely nervous and excited. You can follow the social media links to start following now prior to launch (I would be so grateful if you did). Or you can always come back and check this space for updates on new videos.

I hope you continue with me on my blogging journey. Any feedback and requests would be greatly appreciated.

After 6 years of blogging, here’s to many more!


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