A Review of Bidvine The Best Site to Hire a Local Professional

I am a firm believer in simplifying your life. With December truly well upon us and Christmas not too far off in the distance I am working on my to do list and trying to get as much done before those chaotic last weeks creep up.  On top of wanting to simplify my life I fancy myself to be quite a savvy consumer.

Which is why today I have something a little different for you and will be sharing with you a review of Bidvine – the best site to hire a local professional. If you are looking to find a professional that can take over the painting, cleaning, someone that can teach you guitar, or even a wedding planner – then this review is a must read.

One of the things that is at the very top of my to do list is sorting out family Christmas photographs to include in the Christmas cards that I am designing this year. I love designing and am really pleased that I will be sending out the Christmas cards I am working on this year. Since this will also be the first year we take a family Christmas photo I knew that no matter how well I think I know my way around a camera there is no way that I want to leave the photography to, well, me.

Review of Bidvine: What is Bidvine?

Bidvine is a website that helps you find and hire trusted local professionals that do all sorts of jobs. There are a plethora of people offering their services, and that makes it the perfect place for you to begin your search and find the perfect fit for your needs. I love supporting local businesses and with so many professionals on the site it’s simple to find exactly what you need.

In only 5 easy steps you can be connected with a service provider perfect for you!

Step 1 


The first step is to go to Bidvine and select what service you need and your location then click on get started.

Step 2 


You will then be asked a series of multiple choice questions regarding the details of your needs – In my case I was searching for Photographers in Manchester so I needed to specify what sort of photography I needed, what type of shoot I was looking for, and so on.

Step 3


Once you have answered the questions you will then proceed to sign up for the website. You can do so by providing your email address or signing up using your Facebook or Google credentials. You will then specify if you want to be contacted via email or text message when quotes come in.

Step 4


Wait for quotes.

Step 5

Dependent upon your chosen communication method you will either receive quotes via text or email. I prefer to handle non urgent things via email. I check it daily so that’s what worked for me. Within a couple of hours I received an email from a photographer. He gave me a quote and sent a message sharing some information they deemed important (i.e: link to their portfolio, asking about the amount of prints I need, etc.).

It’s been almost 24 hours and I have only received that quote thus far. I was quite specific about my needs, but I have heard of cases where others are inundated with quotes. It’s better to be specific about my needs beforehand to ensure that no ones time is wasted.

I’ll wait to see if at least a few more quotes come in as that photographers style was not in sync with my vision. But all of that is independent from the Bidvine site itself.

I can’t fault the site. It does what it says it’ll do and does so in a very simple way. I will definitely be using the site in the future. It was so much simpler than spending hours doing research and looking for the best prices. I much prefer that the best prices and service providers come to me while I spend my time on other more enjoyable things.

Have you used Bidvine or would you consider it? What sort of services would you look for if you did? Did you like this review of Bidvine?

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SP / Bidivine gave me the opportunity to review the site but all opinions are my own
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