Review of Spatone an Iron Deficiency Anaemia Supplement

I’m part of the statistics. I’m part of the 1 in 10 women in the UK who suffer from iron deficiency anaemia. An ailment that goes undetected in the majority of the population and is often masked by our modern-day busy lives. Did you know that iron deficiency anaemia is the most widespread of nutritional deficiencies worldwide and that it is the most prevalent in developed countries.

Many of us can be quite ignorant when it comes to anaemia as there are are many misconceptions about it. Some of us don’t know what anaemia really is. Is anaemia the same as iron deficiency anaemia? Are vegetarians and vegans at higher risk? Can overweight people suffer from anaemia?

Let’s find out.

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is the decrease of the total amount of hemoglobin (red blood cells) in the blood. This is usually caused by blood loss. A more simplified way to look at it is that anaemia is the bloods lack of ability to carry oxygen throughout the body and to vital organs.

What is Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency is when your body doesn’t have the adequate amount of iron that the body needs. These stores can be depleted by a diet low in iron, low iron absorption by the body and by blood loss. If you don’t have enough iron, your body can’t make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

As I type this I am in bed with a bad spell iron deficiency anaemia caused by heavy blood loss during menstrual periods. And unfortunately, this is a monthly occurrence. So, what have I been doing to help myself and combat this issue?

Firstly, I focus on having an iron rich diet.

Plate of Prawns.

Iron Rich Diet

An iron rich diet can help your body to fight fatigue, treat anaemia, improve circulation, and aiding oxygen circulation, among other things. There are a plethora of iron rich foods but some of the best and the ones I have most often are below.

  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • red meats
  • turkey
  • dark chocolate
  • shellfish
  • tofu

Iron Supplements

I’ve been in hospital in the past for my iron deficiency anaemia. When I was sent home I was given a prescription for iron supplements in the form of a pill. The pill was huge in comparison to your usual paracetamol pill so for someone like me finds it hard to take a tablet it was hard work! I religiously took the pills as I knew how important it was for my health but the side effects that followed were unpleasant to say the least.

The discharge documents I was given listed the side effects of the iron pills as black stool, constipation, stomach upset, stomach pain, and diharrea. All of these are very unpleasant and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone, frankly. So after taking that first course I didn’t take such strong tablets again.

My current iron regimen has consisted of taking over the counter iron pills or multi-vitamins with 100% of the daily allowance of iron that is needed.

While that kept some symptoms at bay, it wasn’t enough.

Spatone boxes: original and apple flavoured.

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My Spatone® Experience

I couldn’t deal with the side effects of the prescription iron pills. And I just didn’t feel that I got enough out of my multi-vitamins or over the counter iron-pills. So when the opportunity to work with Spatone® became available I knew I had to jump at the chance as I was desperate!

What is Spatone®?

Spatone® is a naturally sourced liquid iron supplement that is sourced directly from a single source in Snowdonia National Park in one of my favourite places in the world, beautiful North Wales. It’s virtually just water that is rich in iron and easily absorbed by your body.

Spatone iron deficiency anaemia: Pinterest graphic

What makes Spatone® different?

Spatone® is different from other iron supplements in many ways. Firstly, it is gentle on the body. It doesn’t have any adverse side effects which for me makes it something worth having just based on that. It may sound a bit petty but if something has a side effect that then affects my day to day for me it’s not worth taking.

The convenience aspect is also important to me. Spatone® comes packaged in individual sachets that are simple to take with you on the go. As you know, we travel quite a lot, and it’s so easy to take our Spatone® with us.

iron deficiency anaemia: Spatone pack.

The sachets can be drunk directly or mixed with juices, smoothies, or other drinks. Spatone® comes in 2 flavours, original is the one that I am taking now. And even though I drink it straight and prefer not to mix it with other flavours you may want to do that if you try it as it’s the strongest tasting version.

There is also apple flavour available, which was the box that I was sent for review, and I absolutely loved! It’s like taking a shot of apple juice with no trace of iron in the flavour. I loved it. I did want to try the original though, and ordered myself 2 boxes as soon as my month long trial ran out!

iron deficiency anaemia: Spatone packs lined up.

The efficacy of the product is one that I was very surprised by. My desperation for a new supplement was what led me to trial the product. And as soon as I had run out I could feel what I would describe as the colour draining out of me. Sure, my pallor did return, but so did my fatigue. I, frankly, cannot see myself living without this supplement again! I feel like myself again and just as good as I did before I started having this health issue.

As a blogger we work with different companies and brands and review all sorts of products that we think you may like or benefit from. From clothing to beauty products to restaurants it’s all part of the job. And honestly, nothing brings me more job fulfillment than being able to share with you something that may really change your life.

In this case sharing something that has become part of my life and has improved my health is an absolute joy! I hope that if you suffer from iron-deficiency anaemia you will consider giving Spatone® a try. Or you can even recommend it to someone who may need it. It’s a life changer and something that I will never be without!

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