Road Trip Budget Busters: Drive Down Your Costs

If you’re planning a road trip this year, you can expect some company on the roads. As holidays go, a road trip has become one of the most popular options, especially if you’re heading to the US. Even Americans are packing up their cars and using a staycation to cut costs – only 35% of families plan to go abroad and travel internationally. Supply and demand increase the prices, so you need to know how to stretch your pounds as far as possible this summer. The key is to avoid these four common mistakes while on the road to drive down your travel costs. With that in mind, here are my top road trip budget busters.

Paying Too Much For Car Expenses

You’re going to need a car, and yours won’t be an option if you plan to go abroad. The cost of transporting it to another country alone is extortionate. Still, there’s no need to panic because Liverpool Car Centre can help thanks to their range of used motors. On the road, don’t make the mistake of paying top whack for petrol either. Use an app – We Buy Any Car is the best tool – and you can find the cheapest petrol stations anywhere in the world. Also, pack fewer things so that the car is lighter and doesn’t waste as much fuel.

Blasting Your Budget On Accommodation

Hotels are expensive, which is why you should consider another option: camping. To pitch up, all you need is a tent and a piece of grass to stay for the night. As far as cheap accommodation goes, camping is the least expensive option by a country mile. Of course, you can try and live in relative luxury without paying top dollar. The trick is to check the prices of hotels online and then to call the front desk as it’s usually cheaper over the phone. For the negotiators among you, there is Airbnb. Start a conversation and try and get them to lower their prices by paying for multiple nights.


Road Trip Budget: SUV car with boot open in woods with camping tent and family cooking a BBQ beside it.

Always Eating Out

Gorging on fast food is enough to hike up the cost of your holiday even if the prices aren’t high. It’s an extra £15 to £20 per day, which is £140 per week that you don’t need to spend. With an ice-box in the car, you can make sandwiches and other savoury snacks for lunch and chow down when you feel hungry. Another option is to stock up on crisps and peanuts, the stuff that doesn’t go off or get destroyed by the hot sun. Sorry, it’s not healthy but fruit is perishable.

Hitting Up The Big Cities

The big cities are where the fun is, but they’re also the most expensive places for accommodation, food and entry fees. You don’t have to avoid them all because some are on your bucket list. Yet there’s no need to travel to everyone along the route. Instead, stop off at the unknown towns and pay less for the road trip staples. Plus, spontaneous fun is the best kind and will stay with you forever.

A road trip can be the ultimate holiday experience: fun and affordable.

What are your thoughts on these road trip budget busters?


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