The 2 Most Important Things to Consider for Safe Road Trips

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It’s almost that time of year. School will be out for summer soon and the task of keeping the family entertained without breaking the bank has moved to the top of our list of priorities (#road-trip!). One of the best ways to find the perfect balance of getting away and keeping within your budget is a road trip. Yes, I know that I go on about safe road trips and driving but its something that we enjoy doing as a family and I can’t, and wouldn’t want to, deviate from.

The one thing that really plays on me is the number of road accidents that we tend to encounter, especially during summer when the weather is nice and people are wanting to get away. So with safety in mind, I wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks to make your next road trip not only a fun one but a safe one as well!

Sorting out the Basics

Sometimes we tend to overlook the basics of car maintenance. Checking the tyre pressure, the oil, the water levels – these are the most basic rules of car maintenance that tend to be overlooked but it’s simpler than you think really. Our routine before going on a road trip or long drive is to stop at the petrol station. We not only fill up on petrol but we also pick up a few drinks and snacks for the road, which helps the children settle down and get ready for the trip ahead.

Whilst one of us is sorting out the drinks and snacks and the petrol the other is in charge of checking the water and oil. Once we are all paid up and that’s done we move on over and check our tyre pressure and top up accordingly. Not only do properly inflated tyres help your vehicle be more fuel efficient but the peace of mind of knowing your car is safer is priceless.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Technology is right at our fingertips and with so many advancements we should definitely use them for our advantage. Sure, the children may be kept entertained on a mobile or tablet and that’s fine to help them pass the time, but what I’m talking about is tech for your car. With so many cars on the road at once, new technologies like a wireless rear-view camera like this or even a system designed to eliminate blind spots are so useful and can help driving become more efficient.

Dash cams are also quite popular nowadays. There are “crash for cash” fraudsters on the roads and the best way to protect yourself from one of these schemes is to record footage of your journey to then provide as evidence to your insurance company in case of any issues.

The plethora of technology for our cars that is available should be enough to make any avid driver consider making these wise investments.

Driving in Europe

If safe road trips are taking you further afield, namely driving in Europe – there’s a different set of items to consider. It’s basically the same ideas but driving in Europe does mean that you need to consider a few more very important and equally simple rules. Whether you are driving at home or away you can discover more summer driving tips at Auto Protect.

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