Ever Thought of Sailing? A Sailing Trip To Komodo

Komodo Island in the heart of Indonesia has some of the world’s best in all regards. It is an archipelago located in between two other islands, Radar and Rinca. The sailing trip to some of the world’s best is something worth considering.


On the sailing trip to Komodo National Park, you are introduced to some virgin lands with breathtaking flora and fauna. The Komodo waters have undisturbed marine life that has enjoyed a peaceful natural environment free from all human activities. 

Not only are the island waters natural, but the beautiful natural trees of the island also have a few natural characteristics which could only be found in the Komodo National Park. It is thought that the trees have existed since the ice age period. Sailing to the Komodo National Park and being introduced to natural things is something worth considering

Cheap Sailing Trips

A sailing trip to Komodo Island is some of the cheapest trips in the world. Compared to other sailing trips around the world, sailing to Komodo is among some of the sailing trips that you won’t forget. 

The price ranges are fairly cheaper for all agents with only the high ended special class trips charging more. In comparison to some world’s sailing trips, sailing to Komodo will earn you a return on investment on your money. 

The trip is fairly cheap yet it has some of the world’s best if not the best sceneries. A sailing trip to Komodo requires that one travels to Indonesia probably by flight then sail to Komodo island on yachts, ships, steamboats, and other waterways travel. 

Surrounding Indonesian hotels are considerably cheaper compared to some world’s hotel pricing. The Indonesian government has invested heavily in the tourism sector something that is earning large revenue for their economy.

Komodo Dragons

The Komodo dragons are giant lizards that are only found in Komodo. All other giant lizards of the world have become extinct due to human activities and other forces of nature. 

Komodo dragons of Indonesia are earning the Indonesian government immense revenue through tourism. The Komodo dragons have led to the island being named as a UNESCO world heritage. All world efforts are being directed to ensure the world never losses these giant lizards completely. 

The Indonesian government is collaborating with other world research stakeholders to see ways of increasing the number of these giant lizards. Tourists flock to Komodo Island to have a view of these giant lizards. The lizards have overcome all the forces of nature through time proof of resilience and perseverance.

Fun Activities

On the sailing trip, one could participate in a myriad of fun activities. Some of the activities could include boat racing, surfing, swimming, diving to name but a few. The natural waterways that the Indonesian government has set boundaries are providing tourists with numerous ways that they could participate in fun activities. 

For instance, scuba diving allows tourists to get in touch with the natural Indonesian waters as they have never before. They could view the natural marine life with breathtaking marine animals such as dolphins and bullhead sharks. Of all the fun activities boat racing competitions provide tourists a unique way of bonding with nature given that Indonesia’s climate is relatively warm all year round.


If you want to invest in some of the world’s best experiences once it’s safe to travel again, consider traveling to Komodo Island and visiting Komodo National Park. The magnificent Komodo Island will change your perception of nature and make you appreciate the world’s natural resources. 

The world has many secrets and Komodo Island is surely one of them. With all factors kept constant, sailing to Komodo Island is regarded as one of the few world trips that you could consider participating in. The sailing trip has numerous advantages as stated above and ranges widely in all natural aspects. I would encourage you to consider taking a sailing trip to Komodo Island.

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