What Is a Sand Blast Booth and Why We Need It

Proper maintenance is a must in every technological process in all branches of industry to proceed smoothly. As seen on , sandblasting is a method that is applied in almost all businesses for various purposes; somewhere as a means of work and somewhere as part of the work process.

Technological processes are not just a machine or any other individual element of the processing system. They should interconnect all the parts in achieving the same goal. In order to make this cohesion of work objects, means of work, products, and technology possible, various methods are used to allow the smooth running of the work process.

Sandblasting Method

The sandblasting method is an essential part of numerous technological processes. It is used to treat various objects and surfaces. For example, in the automotive industry, workers in charge of painting cars use sandblasting quite often. They have to process the surface of the car body before applying the paint and varnish.

In the metal processing industry, sandblasting is a way to remove corrosion, clean the metal surfaces, and make them ready for additional treatments. In construction, sandblasting is necessary for preparing walls for further processing.

All of these jobs require trained and experienced personnel, prepared to handle hazardous substances and possible risky situations. Since these are chemicals, toxic fumes can be present, which can damage the health of workers. The use of specialized booths has improved this process and is a much more secure and conforming method of work.

Materials Used in This Method

A directional stream of abrasive materials replaced toxic paint, corrosion, and stain removers. Under pressure, these particles get a high acceleration and thus ‘break down’ residues of impurities, leaving the base surface intact.

The substance used for surface scraping can be natural and synthetic; in most cases, these are quartz sand and grit. When we do sandblast to apply abrasives, we usually use fine ground silica grains, which give a subtle, uneven structure.

Sand is the most common abrasive, but it has its downsides. It creates clouds of harmful dust, which requires the mandatory use of protective gear and a helmet. That means more expenses and investments in protective equipment. 

Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are artificial components and present adequate replacements for silica grains. The downside is a bit higher costs, but given the much lower level of waste, it is increasingly used in industries around the world.

In the same way, this abrasive can be applied on a flat surface to achieve a variety of structural and decorative effects. A sand-glazed glass for shower cabins is an excellent example of it, and read here how to do it all by yourself. 

Dry Ice as New Technology of Blasting

Dry ice is the most modern abrasive used in blasting methodology. However, it does not fully justify the name abrasive, since it does not affect the treated surfaces in depth but only superficially. It makes this element great for cleaning, removing surface corrosion, paint residue, etc. 

This new technology has numerous advantages over those mentioned above. Those having a sand blast booth are transferring to dry ice instead of other abrasives. While operating, ice leaves only the substrate that was subject to blasting as waste. It also can be used in all spaces, whether open or closed. After its application, sand blast booth treated surfaces are drained and degreased.

Is Building or Buying Specialized Booth Expensive?

sand blast booth

Indoor sandblasting is increasingly replacing outdated chemical stripping techniques. Having a designated space specially equipped to handle these processes is a significant investment (several thousand dollars or more is involved). You certainly won’t have it if you are doing this like a hobby. If you do sandblast professionally, think of a booth as a future saving.

Building a new working area is not cheap, but with the use of advanced technology, it is quite simplified. The sand blast booth of today is made of solid materials and equipped with modern blasters. There are various models, but they are mostly custom-made. This booth doesn’t require any special preparation of the area where it will be, like drilling or moving installations. That makes this investment quite profitable.


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