Advice from Scentsy – The Difference Between Warmers and Diffusers

When trying to accomplish something as simple as scenting your home with a nice fragrance, it can get a tad bit overwhelming with all the numerous options available in stores or online. Not to mention we need to consider the environment and our health. Especially with all the toxic elements that are included in some of the commercially manufactured candles; such as those made with paraffin wax and lead wicks. There are various resources about this online and definitely some differences between warmers and diffusers.

Amongst the popular options of the safer types include warmers and diffusers which can be found online; click here to find out more. These do not emit any black smoke or have any synthetic chemicals in them. They are the safest options to use when looking to fill your home with a pleasing aroma. So, what the difference between these two? To give you further insight, we will look at this below.

First, let’s look at what’s similar between these two options.

  1. Both options are flameless.
  2. Both are environmentally safe because they have no synthetic chemicals or pollutants in them
  3. In some place’s candles are a no-go, for example when you live in an apartment with strict no-open- flame-rules, you can easily use these.
  4. Both also come in numerous types of scents and aromas

Now, let’s dive into the differences.

Candle Warmers

The idea behind this is genius. How it works is by using a heat source to melt either wax blocks or complete bars, usually referred to as “wax melts”, that you can cut according to the size of your unit. This then melts it and releases a fragrance. There is no need to light a wick, there is no smoke and they usually have a stronger scent than many other types of burning scented options.

One must take precautions when burning the wax as it can burn your skin. So keep the wax away from any potential children or other people. 

Wax melts are designed to be placed near air vents, windows, or fans. This helps displace the smells and is safe to use in small apartments or where there is a risk of fires. They can also be left on, much longer than candles and melt away any traces of wax right to the very last drop, which means no wastage. 

Do you know the difference between warmers and diffusers? In this post we share with you some advice from Scentsy - the experts in both.

Oil Diffusers

When we say Oil diffusers, we mean it as an umbrella term that covers a variety of different options. The functionality is the same, which is to burn essential oil and displaces the tiny particles into the air and are completely safe if you are using pure organic kind. More information about this can be found online for example this guide But sometimes the difference lies in the way this aroma is diffused, from these oils. 

The best ones do not use direct heat. It’s stated that heating the oil tends to change the chemical components in them. Thus, rendering it useless and not getting the full benefits out of it. Although this is not to say that there are not any that do not use heat. There are three kinds to choose from.

Heat diffusers use heat, and once the oil is heated the steam releases the aroma. This is the quickest and furthest way to diffuse scents. There are also Ultrasonic types which are a mix of water and essential oils. These go into a basin with a small metal disc at the bottom which emits ultrasonic waves. This helps spread the mist from the solutions. 

Different diffuser options

Other choices include evaporation and nebulizer diffusers used for the same purposes. One works through evaporation of liquids without any heat, while the other uses pressurized air. The air moves through a tub-like device that creates the mist that disperses the oil into the air.

The two-fold advantage of these is that, not only can they be used to invigorate the smells of your house; but when used with the right essentials, they can also be used for clearing up sinuses and respiratory or breathing issues. They can even be used to fight symptoms of the flu or a cold. Some people even use it to help them sleep. Use the right oils such as lavender to sleep or rosemary when working to sharpen your focus.

Whatever the reasons for getting yourself one of these, it can only help make things better for you and your surroundings. They can also make amazing gifts for friends and family. With no mess or worries that burning candles will release toxins in the air, one can even leave them in areas with children, as long as they cannot touch or reach them.

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