Things That Matter in the Selection of Golf Jackets

Passionate golfers want to enjoy their game in rain and shine. With a little preparation and right equipment, you can play golf comfortably in any weather. The short preparation also includes selecting the right golf jacket. The clothes you wear on the golf course physically and mentally affect your performance. Here are some essential things that matter in the selection of golf jackets. 


A modern sports jacket is a balance of casual wear and performance. You would want to look your best without your mobility restricted by the clothes. The clothes you wear at the golf course should allow you to bend, crouch, swing, and walk with ease.

Ask any experienced golfer, and he/she will tell you, the power of swings comes from the synergy of significant muscle groups in your body like those in the chest, shoulder, hips, and legs. 

The jackets you choose should allow maximum movement so that you can maximize the use of main muscle groups for the best shot. In simple words, you need to ensure the golf clothing does not affect your performance in any way. 


Golf players should be prepared for anything on the course. In simple words, you should be prepared for wind, rain, or even a trip to the bush. The golf jackets you select should have excellent water-repellant characteristics. It should also have locking zippers and an easy access scorecard pocket. 

A loose-fitting style is a necessity for a comfortable fit and freedom of movement. The jacket should also have a shape-retaining stretch tape in the shoulder seams. 

Thermal performance is a major factor in a golf game. In hot weather conditions, players have to contend with heat, and they need a jacket made of fabric that can breathe and dry quickly. 

In rainy conditions or cold weather, you need a jacket that can keep you comfortably warm throughout the game and also protect you from weather elements.

Moisture resistance

Golf is a great outdoor exercise. However, you will feel better if your clothes give you a dry feeling. Today, you get jackets made of fabric that dry rapidly, helps your skin breathe, and the wick away moisture characteristics improve the comfort feeling throughout the round. 

Since golf is played when the sun is shining bright, UV protection is also an essential factor. You need to look for a moisture-resistant golf jacket that features anti-microbial wicking and comes with UV protection. These features in golf clothing keep the player cool and dry on the course. 


Clothes have a systematic impact on the wearer’s psychological processes. In simple words, there is a subjective element involved in the performance of the player. You need to dress well and feel well to play well. It is similar to wearing your best attire to perform better at the workplace. The same rules go for the golf game. A golf jacket is an essential piece of clothing that protects you from weather elements and also helps you look good. 

These are just a few things that you should focus on while selecting your golf clothing. Golf dressing codes are always changing. You need to take into consideration the golf dressing etiquette and the dress code at the golf course when it comes to your selection of golf jackets.


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