Don’t forget your senior invitations – 3 ways to celebrate graduation 2020

If you’re a high school senior that is meant to graduate at the end of this semester then you may be even more bummed out about Coronavirus than the rest of us. It’s a sad time for everyone. But we all know that senior year is something very special that we all look forward to. And with what is currently going on, you may have put off planning things; and getting your graduation invitations, for example. Well, you can still celebrate graduation and your senior year, here’s how you should!

Make your own invitations

You may not have a set date and time for your graduation yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting you senior invitations printed out. Invitations are a practical paper that lets everyone know about the ceremony, but they’re also a special keepsake for your family.

Because of this, I recommend skipping the generic graduation invitations you can buy from the school and using a website where you can personalize every aspect of your invitations. For example, online stationery company Basic Invite offers plenty of graduation invitation party templates. You can also get over 40 different envelope colors, over 180 color combinations, and even better than that free samples! This way you can see the quality of the invitation before you place your actual order.

Involve your family and friends

My cousin told me about a really nice initiative that they’ve done at one of the local high schools, it’s called adopt a senior. It’s all about celebrating the senior and making sure that they feel the warmth and support from their family and friends. She adopted her sister’s sister-in-law and whilst still remaining compliant of social distancing regulations she popped over a beautiful balloon arrangment and gifts.

If you’re a high school senior don’t feel bad about telling your family and friends how you’d like to keep the momentum going. And as a parent, family member, and friend let’s try and make this time as special as we can.

Print out thank you cards

There’s no doubt that your family and friends will be supporting you throughout this ordeal; and will want to do everything to make your day special, regardless of when the actual day may be. As away of thanking your family and friends for their support you can print them a personalized thank you card. A little token of appreciation will go a long way! So let’s show your gratitude as they support you through out this ordeal.

Remember, this may seem and feel like the worst thing that can happen. And maybe up to this point in your life that may be the case, but don’t this is just the beginning of the rest of your life. Congratulations class of 2020!

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