Serene Spaces: Creating A Calming Environment at Home

Calming Environment

Life can be overwhelming, but having a calm and serene place to retire to at the end of each day can help to keep you in check emotionally. You can’t escape today’s hectic modern lifestyle, but you can create a home that nurtures you and allows you to recuperate when things get stressful. Here’s how you can create a calming environment at home that’s both serene and beautiful.

Decorate in Calming Colours

Psychologists have shown that colour has a dramatic effect on human emotion and really helps create a calming environment at home. So when it comes to your home, it’s important to think it through. Just because a certain colour is your favourite doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for home decor. Soft, very light pastel shades work well from a mood point of view, as do neutrals and plain white.

White is particularly good as it looks clean, it’s calming, opens up the room and makes the most of the natural light. If you want to add colour, you’re far better off doing so with accessories instead of plastering it on the walls!

Throw Away What You No Longer Need

It’s so easy to end up with too much stuff. Even if you’re very careful when new things are coming into the home all the time, decluttering needs to be an ongoing process. You’ll be surprised just how much lighter and freer you feel after letting go of rubbish that you no longer love or have a use for. In fact, if you’ve not done this in a while, it will probably surprise you just how much junk you actually own.

Go through and see if anything can be recycled (or given away if it’s still in working order). Everything else could be taken to the rubbish dump, or you could call out a company like samedayrubbishremoval to tackle the job for you.

With all of the waste out of the way, you have space in your home for the things you do love. Your surroundings will feel far more pleasant, and keeping on top of the tidying will be much easier too.

Find Storage Solutions That Work For You

Even if you’re a tidy person, your home will quickly become messy and chaotic if your possessions don’t have a proper place. After getting rid of what you no longer need, use efficient storage to keep everything else neat and tidy. It will allow you to access everything you own far more easily. Plus also keep the room looking clean and organised too.

For example, rather than leave piles of papers on your desk, you could purchase a filing cabinet. Instead of having to dig through drawers, you could organise smaller items into drawer dividers to stop them from getting mixed up. It’s simple, cheap and saves you so much hassle in the long run.

Invest In Good Quality Furniture

Furniture like your sofa and your bed are so well used, it makes no sense to try and make savings here. Instead, go with the best you can afford- even if it means saving up for a while first. In the long run, it will work out cheaper, since better quality pieces will last longer and won’t need replacing as often. You need furniture that you can really relax on, after a long day the last thing you want is to be cramped and uncomfortable.

When it comes to beds, research has shown that foam mattresses tend to perform best. They stay comfortable for longer and support the body better than springs (which sag up to 30% in the first year alone). Along with memory foam, you can also buy more expensive ‘gel’ and ‘latex’ foam mattresses too. Finish your bed with soft sheets with a high thread count and good quality pillows for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation!

How do you create a calming environment at home?

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