Valentine’s Day – A Brief Guide to Sex, Health, and Romance

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day! (Gosh it came around again fast didn’t it?!).

I must admit I have never really been a huge Valentine’s fan. Growing up I usually found it a tad tedious. And I always had friends who would get a bit down on their hunches because they were still, or even newly single when the 14th February 14th came around. And then there were the girls who got 50 Valentine’s cards and thought that made them the best thing since sliced bread, while some of us had to make do with just a sympathy card from our best friend. Lol!

Being a bit of a nerd, of course, usually means that I am swayed by facts and figures and this time of year is no exception to this rule. I have discovered there is a bunch about Valentine’s Day that I definitely didn’t know and a lot of it is actually very interesting. Being in a great relationship with my other half has also changed my perspective. Now Valentine’s is a day when we can be a bit overly cheesy with each other without feeling the least bit silly!

Just in case you didn’t know (I didn’t!), it’s not just about giving and receiving cards and pressies. There is an array of fun facts that will astonish you about this unofficial ‘International Day of Romance’! There are a few that really surprised me and that is why I have published the infographic below for you to take a look at!

So without further ado, why not take a moment to talk about sex, health, and romance on this Valentine’s Day. Now is as good a time as any isn’t it? Read on!

A Brief Guide to Sex, Health, and Romance this Valentine’s Day

A Brief Guide to Sex, Health, and Romance this Valentine's Day.


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