How Shared Ownership Could Save Your House Buying Hopes

Buying a home at any point in time is a big step. But it can certainly feel a little scarier in times like these. With the pandemic impacting all our lives, your plans may have been put on hold. Or you may be looking at alternate routes to achieve your aspirations. If buying a home is on your to-do list, we’ve got you covered. Well, shared ownership does anyway!

What is shared ownership

Simply put, shared ownership involves part buying, part renting a property and cutting the cost in two. This could really help in a time where your savings pot might have really taken a hit these past months. Shared Ownership is helping a lot of first-time buyers because of its low deposits and smaller mortgage.

This buying option is ideal if the future is a little uncertain for you right now. But you want to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later. And not only do you get to reap the benefits of paying a more manageable mortgage and putting down a smaller deposit with the scheme, but the process is pretty easy too. 

Tech Savvy First Time Buyers

First-time buyers these days prefer a more digital approach. So  in a world where face to face contact is set to be less of a priority when it comes to correspondence,’s step by step process could really work for you. The process is simple and straight-forward. Plus you can log on to check the stage of your application at any time.

So with easy access, easy straight-talking steps and an overall easy buying process, Property Booking is definitely worth checking out. They offer a range of different housing across the UK. And with their easy search tool you can browse through a plethora of homes without leaving your current one!

Prime Locations Without Premier Prices

Shared Ownership homes and Help to Buy properties are being built rapidly across the most sought after areas in the UK. With many first time buyers house-hunting in and around London now opting for the far more affordable options of Shared Ownership and Help to Buy, you can take advantage of the best areas with a great deal in terms of finance. Ebbsfleet Garden City in Dartford is just one of these key locations that offer a 3 bedroom home with a front and back garden. All at the price of a small London apartment.

The new Ebbsfleet village is innovation at its best and is quickly welcoming a kaleidoscope of new businesses, communities and opportunities. And with affordable properties for sale through Shared Ownership in Ebbsfleet offering unbeatable transport to London, Paris, Kent and just about everywhere else you can think of, the affordable housing market is changing the face of London house hunting.

So whether you’re itching to move, you want to reevaluate your house buying options or you’re totally up for a new setting at a comfortable price, shared ownership may just be your answer. Why not give it a chance? You could be in for a very pleasant surprise!


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