Shifting The Simple Joys Of Driving Into Top Gear

Shifting The Simple Joys Of Driving Into Top Gear

Driving is a magical skill to possess as it opens the door to many new possibilities. However, if you’re going to enjoy those simple joys to the max, it’s your responsibility to go the extra mile into top gear.  Thankfully, the small gestures and details can make the biggest impact of all. Here are just five ways to embrace the time spent driving with far greater results.

Be Greener

Society has evolved in recent times, and our appreciation of the earth and the damage we’ve caused is greater than ever. Cars are undoubtedly one of the biggest environment killers on the market, which is just one reason to consider an electric car. Or if you’re not ready for that step, you can at least look at the prospect of driving a hybrid into top gear. By causing less strain on the ozone layer, guilt-free driving will give you an extra incentive to smile.

Be Cleaner

Appearances count for a lot in this world, especially with regards to our relationships with vehicles. Even if you aren’t blessed with the greatest car on the market, keeping it in good health will have a huge impact on your experiences behind the wheel. This starts with keeping the exterior clean but should also cover the internal features. Cleaning the air vents will improve the smell and air quality while handheld vacuums can be used for great results too. A clean car is a happy car. Simple.   

Be Cost-Efficient

Value for money is a key concept in all aspects of modern life, and driving into top gear should be no different. Learn to save on your insurance policy, and you’ll instantly see a boost in your happiness levels. Choosing a car that is suited to your driving needs can help the cause too while fuel efficiency should be on the agenda too. A few simple maintenance tips such as topping up the air pressure and transmission fluid can promote a cheaper and smoother ride.

Be In Control

A sense of control and comfort is crucial for all drivers, and selecting a suitable model is only the start. Unearthing car accessories ranging from seat covers to navigation systems can make a world of difference. Keeping the passengers occupied with DVD players can also be very rewarding as it allows you to focus on the drive. Small car accessories that add a sense of personality can make the vehicle feel like yours too. Just make sure that they don’t cause a distraction.

Be Adventurous

The first few weeks of driving after passing your test or getting a new car are immensely exciting. Sadly, the novelty soon wears off and completing the same daily journeys can get very boring very fast. Organizing a road trip with friends can be a great way to rediscover that enjoyment. It also allows you to embrace the adventures that await in those new cities. Alternatively, you could book a track day to renew your love of driving.

Embrace each of those five points above, and the road to increased joy and top gear will feel smoother than ever.


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