Things To Think About When Shopping For Wedding Rings

There are a few basic principles you can apply when buying any type of jewellery, but wedding rings are an extra-special purchase, so you need a few extra shopping tips. We’ve put together the top recommendations to help you find the perfect ring.

Shopping for Wedding Rings: The style and metal

This could be the only item you wear forever, so take time to decide what you want. Do you prefer gold of white metal? Do you want yellow gold so as to match the rest of your jewellery? You don’t have to match metals or styles, though – you can each choose something unique to your personalities that still expresses your love for one another. Once you have decided on the metal, consider if you want diamonds or gems. You can find a wide selection of sensational wedding rings at one of the trusted jewellery stores in the Sydney CBD.

Shopping for Wedding Rings: Set a budget

Plain gold bands are more affordable than precious metals like platinum. Remember, engraving will rack up the costs, too.

Start shopping early

Don’t wait too long to find the perfect wedding ring. You should start shopping around for the wedding bands at least eight weeks before your wedding day. You will want to take the time to look for the ideal ring and consider all the options out there. If you want a custom-made piece, you may need to allow even more time. Also, keep in mind that it could take as long as 30 days to have a ring engraved.

Keep things practical

When shopping for wedding rings, keep your lifestyle in mind. There’s no point buying a stunning ring that just doesn’t feel great on your finger, or one you will need to remove every time you do something. Keep in mind that you may wear the band every single day, so you will want to choose one that fits your lifestyle.

If you have an active lifestyle, avoid wide and chunky bands and go for something thinner. If you work with your hand a lot, consider a simple design instead of one that will trap in dirt. What’s more, if certain metals irritate your skin, spend extra on hypoallergenic metals like platinum.

Consider quality

We can’t emphasize this enough – check the quality of the rings before making a decision. On the shank, or inside of the ring, there should be certain markings, including a sponsor’s symbol, the manufacturer’s trademark, and the mineral content.

Protect your wedding rings

Use great care when wearing your ring and before making a purchasing decision, think about what you will do to reduce damage to your ring – it is lifelong maintenance, after all.

When buying your wedding ring, make sure it is one you will not need, or want to, remove too often. If you will have to remove it, create a designated space to put the ring when you need to take it off. Always keep it away from sinks and out of your pockets.

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Things To Think About When Shopping For Wedding Rings

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