Simple Ideas for Creating an Atmosphere of Happiness in Your Home

Recent studies have found that decorating your home and regular cleaning of your carpets and upholstery can easily help you feel happier and more comfortable. Comfort however is in the details. Here are some great suggestions on what you should emphasise to create an atmosphere of happiness in your home!

If your home environment begins to seem more and more depressing to you, and you want to spend as little time as possible at home, maybe it’s time to change something in your bored interior. Our advice will help you with this. We will tell you how to create an atmosphere of happiness in the house and turn it into a constant source of positivism without special material investments.

Change the color of the walls

As we all know, color is one of the main factors that affect a person’s mood. According to a recent research, there are two primary colors that cause a feeling of happiness: green and yellow. Of course, it’s not necessary to design the whole house in this color palette. It’s enough to repaint the walls in the one room in which you spend the most time.

Add some plants

No matter how natural the artificial flowers look, they still negatively affect our emotions. Therefore, if it is a pity to throw away withered bouquets every time, buy several flowering plants in pots – they will delight the eye every day. In addition, indoor plants absorb negative energy.

Decorate the wall with photos

I think everyone will agree that when viewing old photos we are overwhelmed by pleasant feelings of calm and warmth. Therefore, try to hang and arrange as many lovely family and friendly photographs as possible around the house. Looking at them, one will involuntarily recall the most pleasant moments of life, which will undoubtedly raise the general level of happiness.

Add new fragrances to the house

Smells, like colors, can change moods in different ways. The most relaxing aroma is vanilla. It can help you cope with stress and prolonged depression. Place several scented candles throughout the apartment. This will be the most effective way to deal with winter blues. The aroma of lemon or mango may also be suitable as they perfectly tone. I also highly recommend the Christmas Alpine range from Yankee Candle.

Basically, smell has a great influence on overall well-being and happiness in your home. That’s why you should take care not only of the scents that reign in the house, but also of those that do not leave us all day. Take the money to buy a new, floral-scented toilet water. Scientists have found that this particular fragrance has a beneficial effect on the feeling of happiness. The smell of rose or lavender is best.

A nice and fresh smell should welcome you each time you enter your home. You cannot achieve that if your carpets are dirty. They are the greatest source of dust, dirt and bacteria in your home. If you happen to have pets, then it’s possible that one of the unpleasant smells is from urine. If that is the case just hold onto your home remedies for cleaning carpets. Sometimes it’s best to contact experts who have experience in such services. 

Take away unnecessary items

Excess items in the interior can cause stress and negatively impact on happiness in your home. Try to arrange the living space in a minimalist style, as a large number of things create a feeling of overcrowding and clutter. All small details like books scattered on the table or clothes can be hidden in a closet. Thus, you will find that you have much more free space than previously thought.

Make your bed in the morning

According to a survey, people who make up their beds regularly feel much happier. Therefore, do not skimp on a couple of extra minutes to make your bed. Having performed this simple action, the house will become much cleaner and the feeling of disorder will disappear. Happiness in your home is easier to achieve than you think!


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