6 Simple Tips for Beating Dry Skin Problems


Do you suffer from dry skin problems? The winter months can be a nightmare, if so. You go outside in the cold, then straight into a warm and dry room, with the heating on full blast. It’s a nightmare for keeping your skin nice hydrated, and the effects can really take their toll. So, with this in mind, I thought I would throw together a few ideas for anyone out there who might be suffering. Here are my tips for beating dry skin problems.

Beating Dry Skin: Drink More Water

First of all, make sure you are drinking enough water. I think many of us can forget the importance of the correlation between hydration and the look and feel of our skin. On an average day, you should be drinking around 8 glasses of water. Keep in mind that when the air outside is dry and cold, and there is artificial heat indoors, you might need to top that up a little.

Get a Humidifier

This is really a favourite of mine, as humidifiers not only help me with my sinus problems, but they are great to add a little moisture to the atmosphere of a room. When your heating is turned up full to keep the cold air out, it can have a real impact on the air moisture. Getting a humidifier to use will definitely help your skin hydration by providing moisture to the surface of your skin.

Take Shorter Showers/Baths

Suggesting that might get me in some hot water, no pun intended. But as much as you might enjoy a long soak in the middle of the winter, it is not ideal for your skin. The longer that you stay in there, the more natural oils you strip away from your skin. That will only result in dry patches, and flakiness. As difficult as it might seem at the height of winter, opt for shorter showers and baths to help protect your skins natural oils.

Beating Dry Skin: Stop Using Soap

Believe it or not, if you stop using soap your hygiene will suffer. By using everyday soap you can inadvertently be stripping away your body’s natural oils. Always use a moisturising soap instead of a standard version. Steer clear of hard rubbing sponges, brushes, and washcloths. If you do use them, try and stick to a light touch.


While you can’t afford to be too rough on your skin, you can still exfoliate it. In fact, you probably need to. The trick here is to help your skin cells shed at their natural rate. Don’t forget about your legs, arms, and feet either. Look for extra skin softening with the best body scrubs for the best effects. Always use a good moisturiser.

This next trick is one I still have trouble with, but if possible try to use a clean and natural moisturiser after having a bath or shower. As it will help lock in all those important oils while your skin is still damp.

Visit Your Doctor

If you notice areas of your skin getting worse, you should always get a medical checkup. Sometimes dry skin conditions can develop into chronic eczema or a bacterial infection. If it does escalate, it can have a serious impact on your life. Even if you think your symptoms are not worth bothering about, you should go for help. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

OK, so there you have it – my guide to beating dry skin problems. I hope I have pointed some of you in the right direction – and feel free to leave some of your tips below!

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