Singing is More than Just Fun

Many individuals enjoy music. Many enjoy singing, even if they cannot sing well. There are many reasons that people sing. They do it for fun, because they are bored, while they are working, professionally, in the shower, and at events such as weddings. Many individuals are unaware of the numerous benefits singing lessons with Deviant Noise Inc. can bring. There are physical, psychological, and social benefits associated with taking singing lessons. Here are  some of the advantages.

Immune System

Research studies indicate that singing can increase the functioning of the body’s immune system. A specific study conducted by Frankfurt University tested the blood of choir members before and after rehearsals. They found that most had increased proteins in their immune system after rehearsal.

These proteins, Immunoglobulin A, function as antibodies, and the increase immediately following the rehearsal was significant. Choir members who were listening to the rehearsal did not have the same increase in these proteins as those who were actively participating in rehearsal.

Work it Out

Exercise is extremely important for physical health. Many individuals are unable to engage in physical exercise due to physical disability, age, or becoming injured. Singing is a method of exercise. Even for healthy individuals, singing can provide a workout for your lungs as you learn and utilize proper singing techniques and learn how to project vocally.

Singing can also strengthen your diaphragm and improve overall blood circulation in the body. You use a lot of  oxygen when you are signing. You use more oxygen then what is typically used with other types of exercise. Because of this, many believe that singing can improve stamina and aerobic capacity.

Better Posture

Singing can help with your posture. When you are working on your singing technique you will quickly learn that part of doing it correctly is standing up straight. Posture will become a habit over time. When  your shoulder is aligned with your back correctly your chest cavity expands  while you sing. This helps improve overall posture over time and can have you walking gracefully across a room in no time.

Better Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Singing can help with this too! Experts have stated that singing builds palate muscles and makes the throat stronger. They believe that this can decrease the occurrence of sleep apnea and can help stop any snoring issues. This means that both you and your significant other can get a good night’s rest.

If you struggle with snoring or sleep apnea, you  know how difficult falling asleep can be when struggling with these problems. Taking singing lessons can help ensure that you get a good night’s rest. Better sleep results in more productivity during the day and better overall mental health.


Singing can act as a natural form of anti-depressant. When you sing your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. They lead to feelings of happiness and can greatly lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Scientists have recently found the sacculus located in the ear, which is a tiny organ. This organ responds in a positive way to the frequencies that are created when a person sings.

The body reacts by creating a feeling of pleasure when you sing. It does not matter what the singing sounds like, or the mood you are in before you begin singing. Singing can also distract you from stress and anxiety, help you relax, and improve your overall mood.

Less Stress

Life is stressful. Everyday life seems to become a little more stressful. Creating music, no matter how you do it, is relaxing for the person that is creating it. Singing releases tension that is  built up in the muscles of a person’s body. It also decreases cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress in the bloodstream. Lower levels of Cortisol equal less stress for the individual.

More Friends

Do you struggle to make friends? Are you the shy person in the corner that has difficulty talking to people? It does not matter if you decide to join a choir, join a singing class, or go to karaoke with your friends no and then. When you take singing lessons, it can increase your sociability and improve your relationships.

Singing leads to a healthier social life. You and your social group can form bonds over singing and these connections are deep. There is a certain level of intimacy involved in singing with someone.

Increased Confidence

Many individuals struggle with their self-esteem and confidence levels. Many individuals that are just beginning to get out and sing experience stage fright. When you take lessons and begin to perform well, you begin to receive praise from performing. As your inner circle begins to praise your singing it begins to increase your confidence and over time your self-esteem.

This can help you overcome your fears and begin living life with confidence. Over time, other things such as public speaking may become something you can do as you build your presentation and people skills.

Improved Communication Skills

Singing can help increase overall communication skills. When babies here it, studies indicate that it helps prepare the brain for the development of language skills. Music can be as  important to a child’s development as reading to them or teaching them how to write at a young  age.

Singing to an infant can prevent language disorders and speech delays as your child grows. Many individuals write lyrics and make up their songs. If this is you, doing this can help improve your communication skills in many ways.

Increases Your Appreciation

Taking lessons can teach you to appreciate the hard work and dedication that other singers put into their art. It can be difficult to understand how complicated a task can be until you have undergone the task yourself.

When you start as an amateur singer and move up the student ladder, you begin looking toward those with more experience for guidance and inspiration. You could even discover a new type of music that you love that you would otherwise never discover.

Singing is more than just the vocals. There is talent involved. Singing comes with many benefits to your health hand growth. Check out to get started today!


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