Six Things to Consider Before Selecting a LASIK Eye Surgeon

close up of an eye with a laser pointing at the iris : LASIK eye surgeon

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, your eyes have already given you a hard time and you’re quality of life has no doubt suffered. And when your eyesight is at stake, the most critical decision you need to make is your choice of surgeon. There are a number of things you need consider when choosing a LASIK eye surgeon, but which are the most essential?

1- Experience

A surgeon’s experience makes them an expert in the field. Make sure you find out:

  • How long has the surgeon been performing LASIK surgeries?
  • What experience does the surgeon have with the most recent LASIK technology?

2- Reputation

If possible, check out patient reviews of the surgeon so that you can better assess his or her competence. The surgeon’s education and experience are obviously both important, but patient reviews will give you just as good an idea of whether this surgeon is the right one for you. It’s also well worth checking up on the surgeon’s success.

3- Technology

The latest thing in the world of LASIK eye surgery is Wavefront LASIK, in which all of the procedures involved in the surgery are tailored specifically to the individual patient. Given that Wavefront technology is the most modern and has a better success rate than conventional LASIK surgery, many more patients now seek out surgeons who perform Wavefront. For more details, you can visit this website.

4- Price

LASIK surgery cost is, for most, a major factor that influences the choice of surgeon. But getting the balance right is vital. LASIK surgery is an invasive procedure that can change your life but must be performed with the utmost skill and precision.

Don’t over-compromise on price and end up selecting an incompetent surgeon in order to save money. The perfect surgeon is the one who has the best combination of skill, modern equipment and experience. Value for money is important, but don’t be too tempted by low prices!

5- Surgeon Commitment

There is a very small possibility that your LASIK eye surgery might not yield the best results. In order to avoid this, you need to find a LASIK eye surgeon who’s fully committed to your overall eye care. A surgeon who informs you about the condition of your eye and other possible treatments that your eye might need, in addition to the LASIK eye surgery, is one worth sticking with. For instance, Chronic Dry Eyes is a disease that becomes very common with age. The diagnosis and treatment of this disease are very important considerations when a patient is being put forward for  LASIK eye surgery.

6- Recommendation

Always ask for recommendations from your family members and friends who have gone through the same procedure or other similar refractive eye surgeries. Ask them about their experience with their surgeon, what the results of their surgery were, and would they recommend a particular surgeon.

All in all, your primary objective should be to find a LASIK surgeon who you feel confident will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Any type of surgery is naturally intimidating and the eyes, in particular, are ultra sensitive and need to be treated with the greatest possible caution.


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