Small balcony ideas: Make the most of your outdoor space

One thing that the English are known for, among many things of course, are their lovely, lovely gardens. Your garden can be a place for beauty, solace, and fun, but over the past year and a half, it has also been a place where you could escape the confines of your home in a safe way. Gardens are so important for so many of us, and if you don’t have a garden, this past year has showed how lucky those that do are. The thing is this, many of us don’t have the privilege of having a dream garden and we are forced to make do with what we do have. Which many times is a small balcony. So, is it possible to make a small balcony into a dreamy garden space? Let’s find out.

Embrace the space

The size of your balcony needn’t get you down. Even if your outdoor space is tiny you can make it a space where you can unwind from your day or where you can get your day started. Best thing is that your tiny garden space can come to life even if you are living in a concrete jungle or a built up area. You just have to embrace the space and make additions that work for you. For example, opt for adding artificial grass if you want your balcony to truly look like a green oasis or add rugs for a warmer and cosier feel.

Inject it with colour

You can add colour in many ways, but injecting your makeshift garden with colour and life is truly the way to go. I love flowers, in particular, tulips. They are one of my favourites and I wish I could have a whole field of them! Since I can’t, I have opted for planting them in pots. Did you know that here in the UK the best time of year to plant your tulips is mid to late Autumn? This is so they can be ready for you to enjoy them in spring.

Tulips grow well in pots, which is why they are a great option for us apartment dwellers. The quality of the tulips also depends on the quality of the bulbs. Dutch tulip bulbs are perfect as they are usually hybrids and bulbs that are bred to create an array of colours that you will be happy to share a small space with. From different styles and takes on the traditional tulip shape to colours that you can choose to fit your gardens decor, there are so many!

Speaking of colours, did you know that there are meanings behind the colour of tulips, just like with any other flower.?We have given these symbolism to help us when giving someone tulips. Since they are one of my favourite flowers, I did some research to share with you what the tulip colours mean.


A declaration of romantic love.


White can indicate humility, forgiveness, innocence, and some cultures even use them for funerals.


Purple is associated with royalty as well as joy and best wishes. It is also said to non romantic love.


Yellow is associated with friendship. Negatively, it can also imply rejection or unrequited love. In India it symbolises pain, jealousy, and overall it’s a negative sentiment.

Keep things organised

The biggest issue when it comes to living in a small space is the fight for organisation. You must really keep on top of things to keep your space decluttered and organised. Of course, having less things means that this part is truly much simpler to maintain and upkeep. So why not invest in an outdoor storage box, for example. This can help you keep things stored and tidy with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Add some decorative touches

This is the part where you can truly make your outdoor space yours. By adding decorative touches like lighting, rugs, cushions, or unique bits you can make your small balcony feel like a garden oasis that you can enjoy year round. So why not start today, plant those bulbs and prepare your garden for the spring all while enjoying a haven through every season.

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