Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

Is your smile no longer bright as it used to be? Have you already undergone teeth-whitening treatments without any effect? Well, porcelain veneers have become a popular alternative to teeth-whitening and bleaching treatments due to their power of smile transformation. 

These thin shells are glued to the natural teeth of patients after adjusting them to the preferred size, shape, and color. The installation of such coverings is non-invasive, requiring a series of three appointments to be completed. Make sure you find a reputable cosmetic dentist specializing in smile transformations with porcelain veneers. 

Learn more about the role of these dental coverings, the installation procedure, and their maintenance.

What are porcelain veneers?

Dental veneers are extremely thin porcelain coverings in the color and shape of natural teeth installed by cosmetic dentists. The purpose of these shells is to improve the smile of individuals whose teeth are broken, damaged, overly decayed, or stained. These are customized to the needs of every patient in order to match the shape of their natural teeth, as well as make their smile brighter. 

Dental veneers not only make one’s smile whiter, but make teeth look visually bigger, smooth over uneven surfaces, and seal any gaps. In order for these coverings to be fitted, cosmetic dentists have to remove at least 0.3 to maximally 0.5 millimeters of the enamel. Such enamel removal isn’t harmful to the tooth, as its nerve is left intact. 

Individuals aren’t required to cover all of their teeth with porcelain shells, only those showing visible signs of discoloration and damage. Therefore, most patients decide to place such coverings solely on their front teeth to make their smiles more appealing. 

Porcelain veneers come in three different types depending on the type of porcelain used in their manufacturing. For example, the coverings made from pressed ceramic provide optimal strength, but their thickness makes them less attractive than the other alternatives. 

Moreover, those made of stacked ceramic are thinner and easier to customize to the requirements of patients. The strongest model of porcelain veneers is that made of lithium disilicate, an incredibly strong variant of dental porcelain. Read here about the properties and use of lithium disilicate.


smile makeover

The process of having dental veneers installed includes several steps, lasting for approximately a month. Once the cosmetic dentist decides these coverings are the best solution for the treatment of chipped and discolored teeth, patients are required to attend a couple of appointments for the procedure to be successfully completed. 

The initial appointment is reserved for diagnosis and treatment planning, during which the cosmetic dentist provides photos of various smiles in order for patients to choose a favorite. He/ She will analyze your smile from different angles, make bite impressions, and take photos of your teeth. 

In addition, an oral x-ray is taken in order for the cosmetic dentist to inspect your mouth for potential dental issues. Once the x-ray is completed and no issue is found, an impression of your teeth will be created for the purpose of creating temporary veneers, necessary for the appointment that follows. 

In the course of the second appointment, cosmetic dentists install the temporary veneers, which patients are supposed to wear for a period of between two and three weeks. Additionally, your dentist will make sure the coverings are a perfect fit by making the necessary changes to their shape and color. He/ She will paint them in a shade similar to the rest of your natural teeth. Check out the following link,, for some practical tips about choosing a cosmetic dentist. 

smile makeover

A period of wearing your temporary dental coverings will help you get used to your new smile, as well as provide useful feedback to the cosmetic dentist. He/ She will use the feedback to make minor changes to the shells if necessary before cementing them to your teeth. 

The third appointment is when patients finally have their porcelain veneers installed. Last-minute corrections are made to their shape and shade before being glued to the teeth. The procedure lasts a couple of hours, during which local anesthetic is applied to patients. 

Firstly, the dentist performs a deep cleaning of the teeth of patients, followed by an application of a dental bond. In order for the adhesive to harden successfully, ultraviolet light is used to enhance the binding process. The final step involves the removal of extra cement and making final adjustments. 

Once the local anesthetic wears off, patients can eat, talk, and perform their everyday tasks without any obstructions. Nevertheless, it’s common for individuals to feel soreness for a few days in the oral cavity. After several weeks of wearing the veneers, you’ll be expected to attend a follow-up appointment for the dentist to check the healing results. 

How to take care of these coverings?

Porcelain veneers are known to last for a period of ten years or longer if installed and maintained properly. In the event of a damaged covering, patients are advised to have them fixed or replaced as soon as possible in order not to trigger tooth enamel damage. 

The best method of preventing these dental shells from getting damaged is by taking proper care of them. In terms of oral hygiene, the same habits apply to maintaining the condition of your veneers as those of natural teeth, such as regular brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash. 

Moreover, in the initial period after having these coverings installed, patients are suggested to refrain from eating chewy and hard foods. Also, wearing a mouthguard is essential when playing sports for maximal protection. Make sure you wear a retainer when going to bed to prevent further damage. 

Even though porcelain veneers are known to be stain-resistant, individuals are recommended to be careful when it comes to drinking red wine, soda, tea, and coffee, as well as eating foods like blueberries, tomato, and beets. 

Final word

This cosmetic solution is a non-invasive method for having your smile transformed. 

You deserve to show your smile more often!


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