5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt

There are so many destinations in our beautiful world that may capture our attention, but no matter where you are from in the world, you can’t deny that the Middle East is a fascinating region. North Africa in particular is a region of the world that is full of rich history and wonder. Within that, falls Egypt which is a popular travel destination. Egypt is a dream destination for many, and whether you are thinking of travelling in a group or travelling solo to Egypt It’s no denying that Egyptian history has most of us mesmerised. But what do you do if you have your eyes set on seeing the best places with some Egypt tours and taking a trip of a lifetime but no one that wants to join you?

You go anyway!

If this is going to be your first time travelling solo, a solo travel experience shouldn’t scare you. Of course, safety first, but if you plan things accordingly, you can get out of your comfort zone whilst still staying safe. As a solo traveler you may be inclined to stick only to the areas that are the most popular (touristy) and this is particularly true for women. As solo female travelers we may have safety concerns, but solo women travelers can be safe and still have the holiday of a lifetime if you plan and do it right.

Whether you are looking for a trip along the Nile River valley or something more relaxing in the coastal areas, Egypt has it all.

In this post we discuss with you 5 Reasons to visit Egypt and why solo travel in Egypt is a good idea.

To be able to relax on a beach resort town

5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt: Hurghada

Can you imagine beholding some of the most historical sights and hopping on a short flight to a seaside resort right after? It may not even cross your mind that you can go to Egypt and enjoy a resort holiday, but you can! Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean on the north coast and the Red Sea on its east coast. Which means that you can easily make a quick escape from taking in the Great Pyramid of Giza to the enjoying water activities in Hurghada.

Hurghada is a beach resort town on Egypt’s Red coast. It is known for it’s stunning kilometres of coastline that are perfect for all sorts of water activites; from snorkeling, to scuba diving, and beach activities. The nightlife in Hurghada is very popular too! But you beyond that aside from the most popular spots and the nice hotels there is also so much more to see in Hurghada, and investing your time on Hurghada excursions will be very worth it!

Whilst going on a group tour and a group excursion is a way to not feel alone as a solo traveller, it’s nice to do something special for yourself, like going on an individual excursion. What’s better than having your own tour guide taking you to see all that Hurghada has to offer, like going into the desert and going on a camel ride. Or checking out the day tours and taking a spa centre excursion in Hurghada.

There are plenty of tour operators, but make sure you find one you can trust. This is sure to help you have a great time and avoid any negative experiences during your dream holiday.

There’s a lot to see

5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt:Khan el-Khalili

Egypt is a big country, and its sights are spread far and wide. From seeing the Valley of Kings to taking in the magnificent Abu Simbel to venturing further north to visit the major cities, like Alexandria and Cairo. There are plenty of historical sight to set eyes on. But you don’t just have to spend your time in the desert. Why not consider staying in the city during your solo travel in Egypt and discovering the city itself? Cairo is home to the Khan el-Khalili, the famous bazaar and souk.

It is only about 30 minutes drive to Cairo International Airport, (there will be plenty of taxi drivers available to drive you or you can hire a private driver) making it a great place to stop by and get some souveniers on your way back home. If you are brave enough to take on public transportation you could expect to be there in about 6+ hours (worse during rush hour) so it is not greatly recommended.

See the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the World (And the only one still remaining)

5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt:Giza Necropolis

When you think of Egypt it is quite common that the Giza Necropolis comes to mind. Consisting of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx the Giza Necropolis is the only remaining of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is the final resting place of 3 pharaohs from Egypts third dynasty; Khufu, Khafre (one of Khufu’s sons), and Menkaure (Khafre’s son and ultimately, his succesor). There are also subsequent pyramids scattered throughout that belong to various royal women in the family. One of those is the tomb to Khutu’s mother, Hetepheres. One belongs to his wife Henutsen, and one to Khentkaus, the daughter of Menkaure.

Ancient Egyptians believed that deceased pharaohs lived on in the afterlife as Gods. This is why their tombs were housed inside these great pyramids – so that their spirit could easily be reunited with them in the afterlife. The pyramid shape was said to make them be closer to the heavens, and the size was also to house all the possessions that they would need in the afterlife.

You can experience the River Nile

5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt: Nile River

Spanning 6,650km in length, the Nile River is a spectacle to behold, and experience within a lifetime! This Northern flowing river empties in the Mediterannean Sea and most of its northern section flows through the Nubian Desert to Cairo and into the Mediterranean via Alexandria. The Nile basin covers 11 countries! It is extremely important for the region as it supports agriculture and fishing.

A Nile River cruise is the best way to fully experience the river. The mean temperature is between 16C to 27C (60F to 80F) so average high temperatures and average of low temperatures are very acceptable regardless of the time of year. So the summer months may not be that bad.

Enjoy a rich culture

5 Reasons To Visit Egypt: Solo Travel In Egypt: Camel

Egyptian culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the world. The local culture is quite homogenous, and the majority of the population identify as muslim, making it a muslim country. This means that whilst you will be lucky to mix with the local people and see their way of life, you also need to be respectful to a culture that is probably different from yours.

Here are some ways to make sure that you are respecting the culture and staying safe when you are in Egypt;

  • Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites,
  • Respect the culture,
  • Don’t fall into stereotypes, ancient history and ancient Egypt and modern Egypt are very different,
  • Be mindful of giving any political opinions, no one really cares what your views are on political instability or anything else that affects Egyptian daily life.

Don’t forget to do your research, take plenty of Egyptian pounds, and go with an open mind. Egypt is truly a once in a lifetime kind of place that you should certainly enjoy whether you opt for solo travel in Egypt or decide to go with a crowd.

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