Some of My Favourite Photographs and Memories with Panasonic

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Catalan Bay Gibraltar 2013. I entered this Panasonic photo into an online photo contest (Theme was Capturing Summer in a Photo and was one of a few winners of £20!)


Our beautiful Princess Posie

As a family, we enjoy photography and encourage our little ones to take part in it. They’ve got their own little digital cameras from VTech, but also use our equipment. As you can see from the photo above, twin 1 posed for twin 2 as she captured this sweet image using our Fuji camera which they will eventually inherit as we are looking to add a Panasonic mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera to our photography equipment kit.

People seem to be surprised that the girls are allowed to use our expensive equipment at only 6 years old and that they have been doing so since they were the tender age of 4. But I really believe in nurturing their creativity and allowing them to take up something that brings them joy and helps them connect with the world around them.


Las Vegas Strip 2016


Rhosili Bay, Swansea, Wales

Shooting photos of nature and animals is something that they really enjoy. But their enthusiasm turns to disappointment when they review their shots and see that the autofocus just wasn’t fast enough to capture their image. The quick auto-focus is one of the features that I like from Panasonic’s newest offering, the Lumix G Compact System Camera DC – G9L.

Features like slow motion animation, 4K and 6K video recording, and excellent functionality in low light makes this a camera that can grow with our families needs and be perfect for every member – even the 6-year-old twins!


Westgate Shopping District in Phoenix, Arizona

Wooden Horse

A day at the races in Newmarket

Here’s a story –

It was Christmas, either in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. Our immediate family along with uncles, cousins, and aunts made the drive from Texas to Colorado to spend Christmas with my dad’s side of the family. We drove through the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains and had a white Christmas.

I can’t remember much else from that trip. But one thing I remember clear as day is that come Christmas Day we opened our gifts from our grandmother and whilst I got some sort of stuffed animal, my cousin who is a couple years’ older than me got a Polaroid camera!

I’m not one for jealousy, but I was livid! I just couldn’t believe that my artistic sensibilities were being completely disregarded and I was stuck with some stuffed toy as my cousin proudly showed off her new camera to anyone she saw. I was a frustrated artist and all I was allowed were notepads and colouring pencils. So I sketched the anger away and decided that one day I would be the proud owner of a camera that was all my own.

Thankfully, now I have more than one! After all, taking photographs and making memories go hand in hand. The investment in a Panasonic is worth it because those memories are priceless.

post commissioned by Panasonic * all thoughts and opinions are my own
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