What Sort Of Cosmetic Treatments Do Men Choose?

It is definitely a woman’s world when it comes to cosmetic surgery. In fact, it is believed that every nine in ten people who have plastic surgery are a female. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there is no place for men in this cosmetic world. In fact, despite the dominance of women, male procedures of cosmetic surgery are definitely on the rise. Read on to discover the top five plastic surgery procedures for men and what cosmetic treatments men choose. 


Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as a ‘nose job’. This is probably the most popular cosmetic procedure for men. In fact, it is usually the younger generation who want their nose altered, with those in their 20’s being the most likely to opt for rhinoplasty. There is a wealth of possibilities available for those who wish to have a nose job. They can have their nose made bigger or smaller, they can have the bridge of the nose smoothed out, they can opt for their nostrils to be narrowed, and alternatively, the shape can of course be changed as well.

The surgery should only take approximately one to two hours. However, recovery can be quite long, and your nose may be sensitive for around a month. 

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a surgery that has always been associated with women, however, nowadays a lot of men are booking in for this treatment. It is little surprise really; after all a lot of people are likely to have experienced a severe dent in their confidence after the term ‘moobs’ took off. Men can appear to have breasts naturally; alternatively, this can be from the result of weight gain. However, a breast reduction will ensure your chest is smooth and flat. Finally, this surgery takes between two to three hours. 


In more simplistic terms; blepharoplasty is essentially eye surgery. Anti-aging cosmetic procedures are definitely on the rise and a lot of older men are opting to have blepharoplasty. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to helping those who have droopy eyelids, as well as individuals who have experienced the introduction of fat deposits around their eyes. One of the best things about this procedure is the fact that the recovery time is minimal; after two weeks you should be fully recovered. Plus, you can combine this treatment with the likes of a facelift and other facial treatments.


This refers to ear correction surgery. Similarly to a nose job, this is a procedure that is very popular amongst men in their 20’s. Women who don’t like their ears have a distinct advantage over men; they can cover them with their hair! Men don’t have this luxury and so they opt to receive permanent aid. You can either have the shape of your ears altered or you can change the appearance via having them pinned back for example. The surgery will take one to two hours, whilst recovery is a mere 14 days. 


Another popular procedure is liposuction. This tends to be an option that a lot of middle-aged men prefer. When it comes to liposuction the time of surgery and the cost all depends on how much fat you are having removed and whereabouts it is situated. Nevertheless, a point worth mentioning is that there are various different types of liposuction available nowadays. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on what cosmetic treatments men choose.

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