Spring Into Action: Avoid Stress and Get Prepared


Spring is a brilliant time of year but Winter is the time for sowing the seeds and preparing to take advantage of the enriching effects of the new approaching season. It’s the time to spring into action, literally.

The most obvious signs of the new year come as winter turns and the grass starts to grow. This is when you start to notice all the changes that have happened at root level over the cold and slightly barren looking winter. We should look to nature and apply this to our lives too. It is a great time of year for getting things in order and improving our mental health.  So let’s take a look at what we can do to ensure our seeds are the strongest out there!

Firstly take stock of what you learnt about your surroundings during the winter months. This is the hardest time of the year on our homes and our health.  Did you notice any gremlins knocking in your home? Consider when the last time you had your air conditioning serviced for example. Preparation is better than cure so planning ahead can save you money on repairs services.  

Focusing on your home again, it’s a great time to give your interior a new lease of life.  Freshen the paint or reconsider the design. Taking a more minimalist approach to life could be a great way of leaping into Spring. You don’t have to do anything drastic.  Making small changes to one room will be enough to give you a fresh take on your home.  Consider some changes to your bedroom to help you draw inspiration every morning.

Start working on your hydration.  As nature is beginning to stir new life below the surface, you will realise that a lot of rain is involved. This isn’t an accident.  Rain makes the seeds grow and the same works for you.  Increase the amount of water or herbal tea you drink during the day.  This will encourage and support cell regeneration within your body.  Helping improve your skin, vital after all this drying central heating, help your organs become stronger and support the detoxification of your system.  Water will also help give you more energy and help your brain work more efficiently. Small changes are more sustainable so start now and increase by a glass a day.

Spring into action by spring cleaning your mind. Whilst the mornings are beginning to get lighter, we can benefit from the effects of natural sunlight on our health. Using the sunrise to awaken our minds the way nature intended. Yoga is a brilliant, low impact way to add an energising routine to our morning and to help us feel grounded before the new day begins.

Use the last of the winter months to include a yoga routine into your daily life. Gentle stretches in the warmth of your own home will have you feeling subtle and full of vitality when the sun starts to shine. Tantrayogathailand.com mentions that yoga also helps with mindfulness, helping you stack away the clutter of the last year and regain clarity for the new season ahead.

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