Staircase Inspiration From Around the Globe

Bungalow or 2 story house? That is the question. As an American the availability of land means that most of our houses are one story homes, which is why detached houses are the norm. Especially in Texas. But living in Europe is a whole other story. The land is precious, especially in most cities, and we all tend to look up.

Did ever consider that even the type of staircases we see can be quite unique to locations? It may sound a bit of a daft but if you are looking to emulate a certain country or region in your interiors and home design then considering the interior or exterior staircases unique to each place is a must!

Whether you are looking for chic bespoke Italian look or even keeping it simple looking online for ready made stairs online UK there is a way to give a unique look to your home. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite staircases from a few countries that will help you build your home regardless of where in the world you are!

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Victorian Staircases in the UK

The Victorians were ingenious people. In an age where cities were beginning to boom and the way people lived was also evolving, the Victorians are to thank for some of the most popular type of staircases used now. From narrow and steep to spiral and ornate Victorian staircases are still used a lot.

The narrow and steep staircase is ideal as it’s narrow and allows for good use of the already narrow entryway. You can keep things traditional or decide to make your Victorian staircase modern by painting the wood a bright colour. Or even make it more cosy by laying down carpet that matches throughout.

Spiral staircases tend to also be a great option for those of us trying to maximise a small space. The option to install it in any nook or cranny of your house makes it that much more appealing and space efficient. You don’t have to opt for the traditional Victorian wrought iron look and the black colour. With so much versatility available you can opt for a staircase as bright and colourful as you want.

Staircases in Spain

Spanish staircases tend to be works of art and Spain is a haven if you’re looking for staircase inspiration. These stairs are usually mosaic and use the most beautiful patterns and colours to create that Mediterranean feel. If you are yearning to escape to the Mediterranean then considering one of these gorgeous staircases is a must.

The space saving spiral staircases are very popular in small Spanish houses and not only are they fun but they are functional. What really makes me swoon though is the gorgeous tiles and mosaics seen throughout the country.

The colourful details on typical Spanish staircases tend to give these homes a more laid back vibe that many Californian’s seem to love. It’s not only Californians though, the west and southwestern parts of the USA take a lot of their inspiration from Mexico, which was once known as “Nueva España” or New Spain. Which is no surprise as to why many Mexican homes and public spaces follow this type of stair design and intricacy.

Scandinavian Simplicity

The decor and aesthetics of Scandinavian countries has been so popular that it has spread like wildfire. From clean lines to simple shades of wood these staircases have become so popular it’s hard not to see them everywhere. From your home and interiors magazines to your Instagram feed. The simplicity and usual light palettes of these types of staircases allow your home to feel brighter and more minimal. This allows you to detract the focus on the staircase and make it a functional piece instead. Staircase inspiration comes in simple forms too!

There are endless architectural examples and definitely endless inspiration that we can take from the world around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and emulate the beauty of countries right next door or clear across the globe.

Has this post given you some staircase inspiration?

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