Style Tips For A Minimalist Home

minimalist home

Clutter is the bugbear of most people. Whether you are a full-time worker or someone who gets to stay at home, clutter is an inevitability and it seems to just sneak up on you when you’re not looking! Styling your minimalist home doesn’t mean adding things to it, but it does mean giving it a specific look.

You want to give your home a sense of personality, without having that personality shown by the stacks of magazines or the shoes left by the front door. Having a minimalist style in the home means going for neutral colours and furnishings. It doesn’t mean boring, or plain; think classy and chic!

Style Tips For A Minimalist Home

Colour Scheme

Keeping the colours in the home tight is important. You want a small colour palette of between one and three colours that are close together. Splashes of bright colour are nice for rugs and pieces of art, but not so much for walls. Adding too many colours can clutter the vision in front of you and make it look a little messy. Tonal palettes offer you the chance to have a blank canvas to accessorise rather than one big and bright colour.

Updating the house in a minimalist way takes a lot of time and if you are too busy to plan a whole remodel, why not get some help? Hiring in professional interior designers or a project management company like The Renovation Company to consult with you about what you want for your home is a smart choice. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of unbiased eyes to cast over your home and that’s exactly what you get with outside help.

Minimalist Home: Furniture & Furnishings

Make furnishings and line simple through the home for a uniform look. By choosing to lose things that are too detailed or are ornately carved, you are making the house have an easier look inside it. The eye doesn’t get so offended with shapes if everything has clean lines. While you’re choosing your colour palette, look at the textures you’ve chosen for your interiors. You want warmth but not ‘busy’. You want smooth and sleek, but not ‘cold’. Beautiful linens and wools along with pottery pieces and lamps can make your home go from showroom to cosy, without the dark hues.


When you have a neutral colour palette, you need to keep things linear. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a touch of nature. Potted plants, cacti, and vases of flowers introduce personality and fun to a home that is otherwise uniform. Your house can have a splash of personality without being overly muddled and overcrowded. By going for a minimal interior, your home will ooze class and style and will remain something you can build on.

Some may call it cold and boring, but you’ll know it’s captivating and enviable. When it comes to interior design, less is more is often the look of the most stunning homes. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and your clean style will impress anyone.


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