My Summer 2019 Swimwear Wishlist featuring Macy’s

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It’s fair to say that it’s now really feeling like summer. Whether you’re in Texas like I am at the moment, or in Europe, suffering from that heat wave. We are well into the season. The good thing about summer is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors. From barbecues to fireworks on the 4th of July there’s so much to do. One of my favorite summer activities is swimming. Whether it’s in a pool or at the sea, I could be in the water every day!

That being said, having multiple swimsuits is a must. I currently have about 4 swimsuits that I have on rotation, but I am always looking to expand my collection. Macy’s have a swimwear sale at the moment (with items starting at $9.99) and I can’t stay off the site. Check out my summer 2019 swimwear wishlist featuring Macy’s. I wear plus size swimwear, but I have also included some of my favorite straight size pieces that I know you’ll love as much as me!

Plus Size Swimsuit Wishlist

Who said that plus size swimsuits can’t be as cute as straight size swimsuits or as sexy?! As women, we need to be able to put something on that expresses how we feel. Sometimes we feel like lounging on the beach and want to look fabulous and sexy. There are also days we spend playing with the kids in the pool. Those days we may need something more modest and moveable. There are also the days that we swim to exercise and we need a cute bikini that makes us feel sporty and strong.

Whatever your style may be it is important to be able to feel sexy and feel happy at any size! I grew up around women that were ashamed of their bodies. Women that were straight sized but didn’t want to wear a swimsuit because they had a bit of cellulite or a hanging tummy leftover from carrying their bundle of joy. I could see how their confidence was stolen from them. Better yet, how they chose to give that power away to a fictional entity that gave us an unattainable standard of beauty.

Fast forward to 2019

2019 has signaled the coming of age of body positivity and the influencer. I have been encouraged by the many women online who share their body positivity journey, and continue encouraging many women whose body confidence wavers. One of my absolute favorites is Laura from What Laura Loves! She’s an absolute babe with so much confidence it’s contagious! Seriously, go follow her blog and social media accounts and you’ll love her just as much as I do.

my faves: Raising Curve Plus Size Tankini ; Colorblock Tankini and High Waisted Bottoms; Plus Size Tankini Top

These 8 are my top choices from the site, though it was quite difficult to narrow it down since everything is gorgeous! My favorite thing about these 8 plus size swimsuits is the versatility. Take a look at them again. You can’t categorize which ones would be the sexy swimsuits, the ones you’d wear to play with the kids, or which ones you would wear to work out. This is brilliant because having versatility and flexibility to wear different swimsuits for different times is fab!

Straight Size Swimsuit Wishlist

All women’s bodies are beautiful, aren’t they? I am all for self-love and body positivity but not at the expense of shaming a body type different from your own. Slim bodies are just as beautiful as curvy ones. If you’re plus size, like me, you know that the societal acceptance of our bodies as beautiful has been a long time coming. It’s really incredible to see how many companies have woken up to the reality that the average size is not what it used to be. According to an article published in Byrdie, the average size of American women is no longer 14. But has increased to between 16 – 18. The UK isn’t far behind as the UK average is now a size 16.

I refused to play by the rules from a young age and have been body confident ever since. Sure, my confidence wavers and my body is far from “ideal” but it’s all mine. My body has battled cancer! My body has taken me around the world, and with age, it just keeps getting better and better! So this Summer 2019 swimwear wishlist is right up my alley!

I truly hope that you don’t deprive yourself of the chance to live to the fullest and truly enjoy life. The memories we make are the only thing that stays with us. In 20 years you won’t care that your body wasn’t “perfect”. Above all, the memories you have made will be priceless and will last a lifetime.

How do you stay body confident in swimwear and what are your thoughts on this Summer 2019 swimwear wishlist? Share with us in the comments or on social media!

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