Sundose Bespoke Supplements Giveaway

Today we have something special for you – a giveaway!! Why not start 2020 with a focus on your health? We have teamed up with Sundose bespoke supplements to bring you a new and innovative way to take your vitamins.

Sundose is 100% tailored to one’s lifestyle and health needs. It is a blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogens and omega-3 acids served in one daily portion.

Why Sundose?

In many supplements the amount of vitamin D is much smaller than its desired intake. Some other nutrients like vitamin C come in too large amounts. Each of us is different and has different needs which may also change over time. Personalised formula allows to take in just the nutrients one needs daily, in just the right quantities. I found this out through my pharmacist, but many of us take vitamins that aren’t truly right for our bodies or minds.

Sundose is said to help improve your concentration and regeneration. It will also help you improve your immune system and boost your energy. What is more, Sundose will make you look healthier thanks to the improved condition of your skin, hair and nails.

Sundose does not contain any preservatives, synthetic pigments, excipients or artificial flavors. The product is 100% natural, thus it should be kept in the fridge. There is a vegan version of the product available too. The packaging of Sundose is eco-friendly.

If you want to prioritise your health in 2020 then enter our giveaway for Sundose bespoke supplements below. Good luck!

Enter our Giveaway Below!

Sundose Vitamins
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