Super Simple DIY Ideas for Beginner DIY’ers

When I have some down time and am not doing anything work related you can find me on YouTube watching videos. I am obsessed! Seriously, I watch so many different types of video, it’s astonishing; but my current obsession is DIY videos. Anything that is home and interiors related is so me. But as of late I have been wanting to try my hand at DIY projects. I have quite a good creative streak, but I am not very good at using my hands.

So, if like me, you’re not the best DIY’er then this post is for you! If not, then you’ll find these simple DIYs a piece of cake. I haven’t tried these DIYs, but they look exceptionally simple and effortless and they are definitely on my DIY to-do list!

Let’s start with …

DIY Floating Acrylic Frame

I’m a huge fan of anything acrylic. It started many years ago when using a clear sheet of acrylic on top of your desk was a thing. People would use the space between the desk and the acrylic sheet to showcase their memories like photos, concert tickets, and any paper bits you could make fit.

Lately clear acrylic makeup storage containers have become a thing. Now though, I see so many projects being done using acrylic. From acrylic wedding signs, to LED lamps, to acrylic framed posters; with the latter being the first DIY I want to try!

The look of floating acrylic frames is one of simplicity. This is a great hack for those of us who live in small spaces. The minimalist nature helps keep the focus on your image and your walls looking simple and neat. You can also make an earring holder and even use acrylic sheets to DIY your wedding!

Shopping online at sites like Plastic Sheets Shop is perfect for us newbie DIY’ers. They will cut your sheets for free to the specification that you require using their computer program that offers high accuracy. Not only that, but your delivery will arrive within 24 hours, cut and ready for you to get your project started.

Acrylic sheets can be a great substitute for glass. You can clean it easily, it’s durable, and because it weighs much less than glass, it’s much more affordable.

Peel and Stick Tile

DIY ideas: work essentials with coffee on tray.

Peel and stick tiles have been so popular lately. They are perfect for updating your kitchen and bathroom, especially if you’re in a rental. They are super affordable and come in so many patterns and styles. But even then, some of the patterns and styles seem to look quite boring and generic. Why am I including peel and stick tiles in this post, you ask? Well, one of my favourite interiors vloggers, Hermione Chantal, used them in a video and it sparked my imagination. 

Spoiler alert, a picture frame and a sheet of peel and stick tiles is all it took for her to create the cutest little tray for her jewellery. My take would be a bit different but the inspiration was definitely sparked by her. You could make anything from trays, to coasters, to using the tiles individually to enhance other projects. Simple, huh?

Mirror, Mirror DIY’s

Just like in the first DIY I mentioned, there are tricks you can use to make your small space feel bigger. In this case, it’s all about mirrors. Mirrors are so fun to decorate with and with the many sizes of mirrors available you can DIY to your heart’s content. There are many mirror DIY’s you can make, but my favourites are those where you use several mirrors to give the illusion of 1 big mirror design. 

Mirrors can be so expensive, so opting for smaller mirrors from retailers like Poundland in the UK and Dollar Tree in the US, you can create your own version of those expensive boutique designs. 

Hermione Chantal also has a simple DIY using a mirror in the video above. Her take is very Scandi and is perfect if you’re more simple and less bling. 

There you have it! If you’re also a beginner DIY check out my Pinterest board for DIY projects that I want to make and also comment with some of your favourite DIY’s!

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