4 Surprising Things That Affect Employee Productivity

Many factors can hinder your employees’ desire to succeed in the workplace. People are more likely to be successful if they’re productive, feel purposeful, and earn recognition. Many employees report that going to work each day is more of a chore than something to look forward to. This can be due to a lack of effective training, poor management, and overall low employee morale. After all, who wants to spend half their waking hours in an environment that’s not welcoming, upbeat, and surrounded by a productive team? 

Loss of employee productivity and lack of employee motivation can be costly for any size business. Recognizing the factors that attribute to productivity loss is the first step toward correcting the issues. Here are some less-obvious reasons your employees could be in a slump.

The Weather

Lack of sunshine can have negative effects on our health. Researchers have linked insufficient sunlight exposure to depression ranging from minor to so severe the person must seek help and medication. Employees in a gloomy state of mind can lose interest, lack focus, and withdraw from socialization and teamwork. While we have no control over the weather, installing lighting to simulate natural daylight might boost morale and overall productivity, especially in environments known to have more cloudy, gloomy days than sunny days.


Employees who sit at desks with poor seating all day are more prone to physical problems such as stiff necks, sore backs, and leg cramps. Most managers aren’t aware of the importance of providing proper chairs and desk heights not only for comfort but also proper posture. Stand-up workspaces are becoming more and more common. And they can help people move and adjust their positions frequently throughout the day.

Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality in the workplace has been linked to not only employees’ comfort but also their health. Airborne substances flying around in the office can promote allergies, eye irritation, and respiratory conditions for some. Healthy employees are more prone to be productive and successful at their jobs. Poor ventilation, humidity, outdated HVAC equipment, and nearby air pollution can affect the indoor air quality in any building. Be sure to have your HVAC system serviced regularly and necessary repairs performed timely for optimal HVAC system performance and healthy, quality air for your employees.

Overall Cleanliness

It takes just one person to leave empty coffee cups and food wrappers lying about in the workplace or storing food in the refrigerator for weeks untouched. Employees spend enough time keeping their own homes clean. Having to clean up after others at work can be a huge irritant. Especially if your business is in manufacturing, employees on the floor will be much more productive in a clean and neat environment.

Consider some of these overlooked reasons for poor employee productivity and your staff’s lack of desire to succeed. By correcting these issues, not only will your employees reap the benefits of a happier workplace but your business will thrive too.

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